“Tiger” force to rush orders

“Orders are already lined up until March this year, and customers are pressing.We started work on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year in order to deliver on time.”On February 8, li Bo, deputy general manager of Hefei Lihong Plastic Material Co., LTD., located in Xiatang town, Changfeng County, introduced while walking, “now more than half of the staff have arrived at their posts, basically realizing full capacity production, to ensure the supply and marketing of two prosperous.”Du quanzhou, a native of Henan province, has worked on the production line for five years and is now the company’s workshop director.His wife Xie Fenge is also a business backbone in the company’s technology department.”Due to the epidemic prevention and control and the large number of orders in the factory, we stayed in Hefei for the Spring Festival and the company gave us red envelopes.”Du quanzhou said, looking at the busy production line.Du Quanzhou Du Quanzhou carefully check the production line running situation in driving forklift truck carrying just products in hefei beautiful red plastic material co., LTD is mainly engaged in masterbatch, nano filler masterbatch, modified plastics and other three major product research and development and use, has won national high and new technology enterprise, the national small and mid-sized enterprise, national specialization, new “little giant” enterprises such as title,The total sales volume in 2021 is 290 million yuan.The company has a r&d team of more than 50 people waiting for packing and transportation in the factory, and the annual R&D investment reaches more than 5% of sales.It has 7 invention patents and 51 utility model patents.”Every penny we save for research and development, and all the subsidies we get in recent years are used to train technicians and buy related equipment.”Li bo said that in the future, further innovation and improvement in nanomaterials, PP glass fiber and blocking fuel will contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction and Chinese manufacturing.Lihong plastic forward move forward is an epitome of high quality development of Xiatang Town.In recent years, as the center of the “three cities”, Xiatang Town has fully implemented the “standard land” system, adhered to the development guidance of “per mu benefit”, promoted the whole life cycle management of industrial land, accelerated the “removal of cage for birds” and “Phoenix nirvana”, and accelerated the recovery of inefficient idle land.In the past five years, it has attracted 110 industrial projects with a total investment of 82.22 billion yuan and 47 projects of more than 100 million yuan.Nearly 200 enterprises have settled in Xiatang Industrial Park, 36 of which are above the national standard. Major projects such as China Innovation Aviation, Shuangjie Electric and Hemei Technology have taken root.”Hundreds of billions of ponds” is ready to go.Words | Du Gang Peng Chao media reporters Zhu Zhenyu pictures | Du Gang perturbation spread | all media editor Part 3

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