How does the skin dry sensitive, with ke Run control oil wet clean yan foam let you return to self-confidence

Select clean face product is a matter which cannot be careless, this is especially true for sensitive muscle, once the careless choice can cause facial acne since these problems, after all, we face can improve the level of our appearance, if the skin is not good is likely to be for their own points, so the first step of skin care is to have a good cleanser, such as optimal le skin, jade ze, cosette run can, below for these three brandsWe will introduce the products in detail.1. Sixes Skin Foam Cleanser Gel is a medical-grade skin care product, which adopts MVE technology and simulates sebum film production line.This foam cleanser mainly contains glycerin, laurel, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients.This cleanser is labeled as suitable for neutral and oily skin. It is mild after use, and it is easy to blister after a little rubbing with water. It is not tight after washing the face, and has a certain moisturizing effect, and also has a good effect on oil control.However, it does not clean the situation of foam washing, but more washing is good, does not affect the overall use of feeling.2. Yuze’s name is familiar to everyone. It is the only medical beauty brand of Shanghai Jahwa. It adopts innovative PBS technology (plant bionic lipid technology) to repair the damaged skin barrier by imitating the normal sebum membrane structure, and occupies a place in the field of medical beauty products.This yuze cleanser is suitable for acne, oily and mixed skin. It uses decyl glucoside, which is more mild than amino acid. In addition, it also adds salicylic acid and nicotinamide to fight inflammation and acne.3, Kelun oil control moisturizing and cleaning foam kelun oil control moisturizing and cleaning foam is a white foam bottle, it uses duck mouth press the head, this design is very reasonable, as long as gently press the rich foam, the amount of each time is also very appropriate, the foam is dense and comfortable, touch like goose down, washing feeling is very comfortable.By comparison, the pH of Kerun Oil control moisturizing and cleansing foam is about 5.5, which is within the range of mild pH value and mild foam property, indicating that Kerun oil control moisturizing and cleansing foam can remove oil without stimulating the skin, which is really very effective for sensitive muscles.Although there are many kinds of clean face product, but more than these three is especially popular product, especially cosette embellish the clean colour bubbles, absorption effect is very good, so it is not only to sensitive muscle also won’t have any damage, can let a person feel free to use, after all, cosette embellish is specially designed for sensitive muscle development, can every moment to caress your skin.

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