10 grand off the Cadillac CT4 on sale

Chengdu Jianguo is the first luxury Cadillac experience center in southwest China – sufficient resources priority, preferential policies to enjoy power!Whether naked car prices, cash subsidies, car purchase packages, will be beyond your expectations!Preferential 10,000 yuan to enjoy 10,000 yuan subsidies, down payment as low as 39,000, daily supply only 83 yuan;Enter the store to enjoy the electricity sales customer exclusive price, sign the bill to send the value of ten thousand yuan car gift package;Life-long Onstar guardian, low down payment, flexible monthly payment and other intimate financial solutions;Free second-hand car evaluation, replacement CT4 purchase opportunity to enjoy 3000 yuan in cash and 3000 yuan worth of credits;Old customers can enjoy 50000 member points when they are successfully introduced to 2 basic maintenance;Buy a car during the event and enjoy onstar’s 5-year basic service package.New car “Cadillac Premium Insurance Service Package”, including 2 years of basic auto insurance subsidies, 3 years of out-of-insurance maintenance subsidies;Upon arrival, we will enjoy an exclusive exquisite gift. We will provide free shuttle service at subway/bus station.A phone call to book a free in-door test drive;Chengdu Jianguo Cadillac all staff look forward to your visit, we will be dedicated to provide you with quality car purchase service.Service Address:Tianfu New Area Lu Shan Avenue 2 Section 36 (Jianguo Auto Park) promotion time from February 19, 2022 to February 19, 2022 Cadillac CT4 latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Chengdu offer 28T fashion 239,700 yuan 10,700 yuan 229,700 yuan 28TLuxury model 251,700 yuan 10,000,000 yuan 241,700 yuan 28T Luxury model 259,700 yuan 10,000,000 yuan 249,700 yuan

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