Zhejiang: a family of four go out to pay New Year’s greetings, daughter and wife dress up, the father’s behavior makes people laugh and cry

Some time ago, in lishui, zhejiang province, a father took his family to prepare to go out new video let netizen laugh cry, video display, father gets up early in the morning is going to take families on New Year’s greetings, the home has three women need makeup, see mother is changing clothes, makeup, elder sister and younger sister is in the room looked at their three people, daddy is also special helpless,But he could do nothing but wait, and did not dare to complain.The eldest daughter said that her mother would get angry and quarrel with her father whenever he urged her, and her sister would go on strike and not go. Therefore, my father took a walk outside in the morning, and then kept walking back and forth in the living room. It was so funny that my father had to wait.Netizens are abuzz about it:”One world one and the same father, but he wants to take us a few girls to go out, he would have to have enough patience, otherwise is basically impossible to” “ha, ha, ha, is main or my father’s family status needs to be improved, if my dad, he estimates directly take a broom to catch people, basically won’t let you have the lag time” “is not the same,My house is my dad, we have to wait to go out every time all need to use the toilet, then a word “in my opinion, is to have a couple hours across the screen all feel funny, looked at the man kept walking in the sitting room, can feel his heart gradually fierce, violent, just girls go out basic is such a situation, want to go out in advance,That must be the need to arrange travel time, usually half an hour in advance to give them makeup is enough.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.

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