Hefei No. 7 Middle School held the staff meeting for the second semester of 2021-2022 school year

On the afternoon of February 14, 2022, the first staff meeting of the second semester of 2021-2022 school year of Hefei No. 7 Middle School was held in Taoyi Hall.The meeting was presided over by Li Yuepeng, member of the Party Committee of the university, chairman of the Labor Union and director of the Office. Deng Zongguo, secretary of the Party Committee and president of the University, Su Weibing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the University, Zhang Yongjian, Liu Xianqun, members of the Party Committee and vice president of the University, and all the staff attended the meeting.Liu Xianqun first of the new semester of moral education, publicity, discipline arrangement, proposed to promote the system of moral education, improve the professional moral education team, improve the innovation of moral education, explore the model of home-school co-education, further improve the level of moral education in our school;Continue to do a good job in school publicity, tell the story of seven, seven voice transmission;We will deepen the education of teachers’ ethics and ideology, and create a clean and positive educational atmosphere.In the work of the new semester, to have something to do, have a place, have fear, strengthen the construction of teachers’ ethics, chang huai crisis consciousness, learning consciousness, honest teaching, heart fear, line stop!Zhang Yongjian summarized and reported the final work of the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year of all grades and the achievements of “training and competition” in the implementation of “Double New”, and put forward requirements for teaching, teaching and research and other related work of the school.He conveys the “ordinary high school new curriculum, new teaching material in hefei ‘big training, grand meeting’ meeting and the fifth inquest into the President will” taught in hefei city bureau of education, city institute and interdisciplinary research staff to the new requirement for the implementation of “3”, emphasis on all the teachers to further promote the “sanxin” implementation, serious study of the college entrance examination evaluation system of the People’s Republic of China,Deep understanding of “one core, four layers, four wings”;Continue to do a good job of the five education simultaneously, the implementation of the “three new” and other work, strengthen the selection of courses, career planning guidance, high standards to meet the visual guide look back;Continue to do a good job in education informatization exploration and practice, for the national basic education informatization application site will be well prepared.Su Guards to the school party construction, logistics and other related arrangements.We should establish a “brand awareness”, adhere to the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, promote institutionalization, standardization, and quality of the three meetings and one class, normalize, specialize, and feature practical matters for the people, create a standardized, socialized, and personalized Party building brand, and polish the Party building brand.Try to optimize the late guarantee, polish the service brand;We will improve the construction, use and maintenance of it application, and polish the “Internet plus” education brand.To establish rules and regulations, run the school in accordance with the law, strictly implement financial policies, safeguard the interests of all staff in accordance with the law, and continuously consolidate the achievements of inspection and rectification.Standardize the preparation for the new semester, daily epidemic prevention and control work, strive to create a “safe and harmonious” campus atmosphere.Deng Zongguo, the principal of the School, with the title of “Concentrating minds and striving for development, striving for Development and Opening new Bureau”, emphasized the deployment of the key work of the school’s party and government in the spring new semester, proposed the development goals of the school in 2022, and put forward guiding opinions on the overall work of the school.The year 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is also a “key year” for the university to break through the bottleneck of development, achieve the decisive victory and lay the foundation for cross-field development. All the faculty and staff should be committed to working hard together.We should make clear the new goal of “moving up the ladder”, unify our thinking and take action, and seize the opportunity to leapfrog development.We will continue to improve the evaluation and incentive system, deepen reform of teacher evaluation, strengthen standardized management, and strive for development.We need to uphold the guidance of Party building, fully implement the Party’s education policy, and comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline.We will give full play to the role of schools as the main focus of education, improve Party conduct, clean government, and teachers’ ethics, implement the policy of “double reduction” and improve the quality of education and teaching.We must firmly establish the concept of responsibility, understand the current situation, clear objectives, clear direction, with the attitude of “do best, when advanced, strive for first”, see results in action, open a new chapter in a changing situation, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th national Congress.The new semester, a new journey, hefei No. 7 high school staff full of confidence, coagulation and cohesion, with a higher level of fighting spirit, constantly create new bureau, win new leap-forward development.It is believed that with everyone’s practical efforts, practical hard work and joint efforts, Hefei No. 7 Middle School Education Group will seize the opportunity in the implementation of “Three New”, realize high-quality and connotative development, better serve the people and contribute to hefei education.

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