What do you think of People’s Daily’s live interview with Wang Meng, which was visited more than 1 million times in one hour?

I particularly appreciate the saying: talent is very cruel, depending on god to give it.There is no doubt that wang meng is a short track speed skating genius: “wang meng” this two word once ruled the world women’s short track speed skating, see below a fulfilled the much-told tale of the video: https://haokan.baidu.com/v?pd=bjh_app&Vid = 97163009037522868 The Queen of 1000 meters flying ice the queen of 1000 meters flying ice is wonderful, but also lamenting the infinite charm of talent, suddenly realized at this moment Wang Meng is using the perfect movement endowed by god to explain the women’s 1000 meters short track speed skating championship, this body language tells us: what is talent?What is strategy?Talent can only become effective talent through the perfect use of strategy — and finally to show success in the world.The interview with Wang Meng by People’s Daily aroused the memories of hundreds of millions of ice and snow sports fans. The sense of satisfaction and pride was more than one million yuan per hour.It is said that after wang Meng retired, he began professional commentary on women’s short track speed skating competition — fast pictures, the queen’s voice…Fly ice such women’s short track speed skating competition, time travel will be more on-site feelings, ears can often echo the above story.# Beijing Winter Olympics # Wang Meng wins

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