The sound of a midnight lock

Xiao Li and her husband moved to the city from the countryside so that their child could attend a good primary school.Two people at that time through the intermediary to find a campus housing, the price is not cheap.But in order to have a good learning environment for children, they signed a three-year contract.The husband began to look for a water supply of odd jobs, although tired but every month have three or four thousand income.Xiao Li also went to a supermarket to work, every month also has more than two thousand income.Two people every day hard, also calculate barely manage, go to the living expenses, a year down how much can still save point.But the good times did not last long, xiao Li’s husband do not know when to start, obsessed with mahjong.Every day after dinner will go downstairs to the garage mahjong hall to sit for a while.At the beginning just said to take a stroll, gradually began to play a small mahjong.Xiao Li is very angry, every time found that can not avoid a scene.Once noisy of intense of time, sex simply rolled out husband outside door, no matter how knock on the door, small beautiful did not open.I wanted to teach him a lesson and see if he dared to play mahjong next time.The husband knocked along while, small beautiful also does not give open.In a fit of pique, he left.I don’t know where it went.Xiao Li cooked, cleaned up and helped the children with their lessons when she came back from work.We’re done. It’s past 10 p.m.A look at her husband has not come back, a little worried.A phone call still turn off, can only let the child sleep first.Sitting on the sofa watching TV and waiting for her husband to come back.The child went to bed and xiao Li didn’t play the TV too loudly.Then she heard the key in the lock and thought her husband was back.He didn’t get up and get ready for questioning.But the key just turned a few times no sound, xiao Li thought her husband wanted to play a joke with himself.I stood up and tried to open the door, but then I heard a cough that did not sound like my husband’s voice.I quickly pulled my hand back and stood in the door with my heart pounding.I thought it was the wrong floor of the building and the wrong door, something like this had happened to me before.His house is obviously on the fourth floor, go to the third floor to open the door of others.Another time, Xiao Li remember just moved into this community when the wrong unit, their home in the second unit.But walked to the third unit of the fourth floor, thought of here, also hung heart put down.Look at the time has been 10:30, the husband’s phone is still out of order.Simple wash gargle went to bed, estimated that the husband was afraid that he was in anger to come back in the quarrel, want to come back later.It stops when you’re asleep.It happened twice before, and it was fine the next day.Dazed xiao Li gradually fell asleep.But after all, the heart is still thinking about her husband did not come back, sleep is not so solid, staring sleep for a while, as if to hear the key to unlock the voice.When I turned on the light, it was nearly midnight.Xiao Li thought that his husband came back this time, angrily put on clothes to go to the hall.But when I turned on the light, I jumped.The door was open, ajar.But there was no sign of her husband.Xiao Li suddenly wood in situ, two feet like welding on the ground.Unexpectedly a little disobedient, a few seconds of time, xiao Li subconsciously locked the door from inside.Shivering on the ground!Now, Xiao Li can’t sleep any more.Hit her husband’s phone again, or shut down.Then something was wrong, not being able to call for a child, not being able to ask for help in the middle of the night.Xiao Li a little stand up, sitting on the sofa hand heart is all sweat.Only to push two chairs in front of the door, and went to the kitchen to get a kitchen knife.By my side. Things are so weird tonight.On second thought, it wasn’t the wrong door at all.It’s about someone answering the door, trying to do something wrong.The more Xiao Li thought about it, the more frightened she was, but she did not dare to sleep. Although the door had been locked from the inside, she was still worried.Just turn on the TV, let out a little sound, take heart.I hope the sky will light up soon!Just through the peephole to see the corridor is dark, nothing can be seen.I dare not bang on the door and turn on the voice-activated light in the hallway to see if there are strangers outside.I’m scared out of my mind.But in the living room scared to death, sleepy to death.After thinking about it, Xiao Li turned off the lights in the living room and only turned on the TV.Then he took the kitchen knife into the bedroom and put it by the bed.And locked the bedroom door from the inside.If something should happen, be prepared!Looking at the sleeping child, Xiao Li only hoped that the sky would soon light up!But after all, a tired day, and toss over half a night, xiao Li still did not control sleepiness, confused fell asleep.Also don’t know what time, open your eyes to have a look.It was already light, xiao Li hurried out of the bedroom, came to the hall, scared to get a breath of air.The TV was still playing and I had locked the door inside, but the security door was opened a crack!Fortunately, the dawn, if it was last night or so, estimated that xiao Li will be directly scared of the heart directly off.The small beautiful that is shaken still can look at the door directly, do not know what to do.Just enough to hear my daughter say, “Mom, where are you?”It’s like coming back to life!Puzzled xiao Li had to play a strong spirit to do breakfast for her daughter, after dinner to send her daughter to school.He went to the unit in a hurry, a morning are absentminded.When I went home for dinner at noon, I saw my husband come back.Small beautiful see husband this just can’t restrain cry up, husband still think because he does not return all night and sad.Which know to listen to xiao Li after learning this night of things, also afraid of.I was driven out of the house by Xiao Li yesterday, called a few friends, eat and drink in a food stall until midnight, was sent to a small hotel by friends for a night.If you drink too much, you can’t pick up the phone even if it’s powered, let alone dead.When I woke up in the morning, I hurried to deliver water and returned home at noon to charge the electricity.Small beautiful husband this regret, repeatedly apologize with small beautiful.Xiao Li is angry and hate and angry, but the whole body is like cotton, light and no strength.The husband also feels wrong, help small beautiful to go to bed, arrive glass of water.I made lunch for my daughter, and I hurried to the property to get the security footage.But the security guard only gave us footage from inside the elevator, and there were very few people in and out at that time.There’s a family of three, and footage of two women returning from a night shift.There is no surveillance in the corridor, security analysis if the bad guy, he will not take the elevator, will only take the stupid ladder.And if it’s the wrong door, how can it be opened if it’s not your key?Think for yourselves. Did you ever lose your keys?Small beautiful husband helpless returned home!Even if the key was lost and someone else picked it up, how could you know it was our home in this unit?Small beautiful husband ask small beautiful, small beautiful only shake head, she now what all don’t want to say again!Small beautiful husband hurriedly to unlock the company to call, want to change a lock core to high-grade.Not one that can be unlocked inside!Xiao Li listened to her husband’s words and said…Don’t you know what’s going on?Guys, you know what?

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