Zhou Rong’s two kisses are “the most affectionate calculation” for her father

Zhou zhigang’s father was one of the first construction workers to live in the “photon zone” of a northern provincial capital.The zhou family has three children, the eldest zhou Bingyi, daughter Zhou Rong is the second, the youngest Zhou Bingkun just graduated from junior high school, although not smart in the eyes of elder brothers and sisters, but it is the “group pet” at home.The parents love the youngest, but they care more about their daughter, who is not only beautiful, but also extremely smart, literary, and fond of ancient poetry and Russian novels.In the street cadres to mobilize at home, Zhou Bingkun and Zhou Rong are thinking of letting each other stay in the city, to the countryside.Palm palm back is meat, zhou mother could not bear to let a child go, had to give the decision to Zhou Zhigang decision.And Zhou Zhigang unthinkingly said, or Kun ‘er go, let Rong ‘er stay at home.See off Zhou Zhigang in know the eldest son Zhou Bingyi to participate in the corps, the organization of the family to the photo studio took a family photo, but also washed five, five people in the family each one.Zhou zhigang said that after his departure, it will be three years before he can have a family leave. His eldest son has a family leave every two years, and the two younger ones still don’t know where they will be sent to the countryside. After that, it will be more difficult to get together as a family.Five black and white family photos in each hand, that is the symbol of home, but also miss.Zhou Rong quietly closed his that piece of family photo, the heart is doing their own calculations.No matter her mother or father asked her brother to go to the countryside, she would not say what she really thought, but smiled to everyone in the family.At the railway station, when her brother offered to see her father off first, Zhou rong showed her decisive idea. Her father’s train was 40 minutes later than her brother’s, so it was better to see her brother off first.When Zhou Zhigang sat by the window of the train to say goodbye to his wife and children, Zhou Rong reminded her mother to talk to her father and do a little farewell ceremony.At that time, even if they were in love, they would not hug and kiss in public. Instead, they would rub each other with their hands to convey their feelings to each other.In the week mother with Zhou Zhigang farewell, Zhou Rong called his brother lifted himself up, seems to have something important to say to his father.She asked him to turn his head away, and without his noticing, she kissed him on each cheek and said to her parents with a smile, one is for you from me, and the other is for you from your mother.Zhou’s mother and young son did not expect Zhou Rong to say goodbye to their father in such a way. They all held hands with each other silently and followed the train slowly forward.Zhou Zhigang has too much guilt for his wife, he knows she is not easy at home, and zhou mother knows zhou Father’s heart more.Zhou Bingkun looked at the train away slowly relieved a sigh of relief, and Zhou Rong’s face a little silk sweet.Back at home, the zhou family sister and younger brother two people, the elder brother said that the baby box where to discuss, and eventually Zhou Rong said, “generally the most unsafe place is the most safe.”They put the box of treasures under the cabbages in the outhouse and wrapped it in oilproof sticky cloth so that the cabbages would not be visible in winter and the cotton cottons would not be visible in summer.Take leave without saying goodbye zhou mother with her young son Zhou Bingkun to the street office consultation, Zhou Rong has been sent by classmates CAI Xiaoguang train.Zhou Rong to go to Guizhou and her heart admirer Feng Huacheng together.When zhou mother returned home to find her daughter Zhou Rong disappeared, all of a sudden panic.Chow bingkun sees zhou Rong’s letter stuck in the frame of the family photo.Zhou’s mother eagerly let her young son read it out to herself. Where did her daughter go?Zhou Rong write a very short letter, she said she is not in the countryside near the downtown, but went to the far, far away to jump the queue in guizhou, have xiao-guang CAI sent her on a train, so will walk very agreeable, as to why she must to jump the queue in guizhou, has its own reason, three days later, xiao-guang CAI will come home with her mother and brother said understand, let mother and younger brother, don’t go to the street where cadres asked.When CAI Xiaoguang told Zhou Mother and Zhou Bingkun that Zhou Rong was chasing love, just went to Guizhou to jump the queue, zhou mother and Zhou Bingkun’s reaction is that you CAI Xiaoguang is not zhou Rong’s object?You come in and out, in pairs, how come there is a Beijing old poet?CAI Xiaoguang patiently explained to Zhou’s mother that Zhou Rong had known the poet in Beijing since her second year in junior high school, and when they went to Beijing together, they met the poet.Now the poet is in Guizhou, so Zhou rong went to Guizhou because of love.”Worship is the foundation of love,” he said.At this time, Zhou’s mother, already full of tears, stood up and said, this in the past, is “elope”.By the time Zhou’s mother stood up and walked out of the house, she was already on the verge of collapse.In those days, it was a very deviant thing for any daughter to do such a thing, and would have been laughed at and ridiculed by outsiders.The mother did not dare to cry out, but swallowed her tears. She felt sorry for her daughter and resented her for bringing such shame and uneasiness to herself.At this time, zhou mother may understand zhou Rong in the farewell zhou Fu, the two kisses of the deep meaning.One is to kiss her husband for her wife, knowing how hard her husband has to work for his family, and the transfer of their feelings between husband and wife.One is zhou Rong’s most affectionate apology to his father and a small calculation of love.Because Zhou rong knows her behavior will bring her parents and brother what kind of situation.She wanted to ask her father to forgive her daughter’s treason and unfilial piety through this unusual kiss goodbye.No matter what happened in her life, she wanted him to remember that kiss and that she loved him as a daughter.Zhou Rong’s careful machine reached, in the original, many years later, Zhou Zhigang in Guizhou over the mountains to see Zhou Rong, Zhou Rong that kneel, let her behavior wiped out.Zhou Zhi Gang took his daughter to save a few years of food and labor supplies, and precious soap, see granddaughter Zhou Yue, everything is over.The daughter is the parents of the small cotton-padded jacket, but Zhou Rong this small cotton-padded jacket is wind leakage and does not block the rain, so that parents worry broken heart.Zhou Rong that age, that age, love is her all.She said: having a good life is more important than having a good life.However, after years of grinding, the baptism of time, and eventually Zhou Rong feng Huacheng or divorce.Blindly use their young cognition to see the world, eventually will have some suffering, not to mention the other party is 20 years older than Zhou Rong, can follow her parents in general.Zhou rong finally lost herself, bringing pain to her family and a bad ending to herself.Once again, it has been proven that a relationship that is not favored by parents will not end well.Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.

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