Thursday, January 27, 2022

J Yin December 25 (Xin-chou Xin-chou geng Chen) Huang Li xin said geng Jin Feng li, especially when full of gas, conducive to military expedition, punishment law enforcement and debt collection and other things.Today appropriate heart cause and effect, be wary, do a good job of risk control.To be generous and inclusive, harmonious communication, do not be arrogant and radical, beware of disease and injury, official non barrier, loss of money, etc.Work to be careful, use instruments, knives to be careful injury;Avoid crying, lest cause bad luck.Easy to interpret: Xin Jin than rob dry, there is a robbery like, should be wary, do a good job of risk control, to be generous and inclusive, harmonious communication.Xin Chou month, soil gold two wang, Geng jin was born, do not be arrogant and radical, beware of disease, official non barrier, loss of money, etc.Where travel affairs, there are several periods of time need to pay attention to: auspicious: 1 to 3 o ‘clock in the morning of Ding Chou and 13 to 15 o ‘clock in the afternoon of Guwei, choose in this two periods of time, easy to get support to help, act more smoothly.Wushi: 23 o ‘clock at night to 1 o ‘clock this morning Prowushi and 19 to 21 o ‘clock in the evening, Wushi repeated many things, easy to have a fight, should try to avoid.Southwest for today’s auspicious, choose this position with auspicious.● People like rats are good at communication and broaden their horizons. They should be open-minded and calm, keep steady and not rush forward.We should coordinate closely, focus on key points and avoid impatience.Suitable for visiting, dredging intermediary, team cooperation, planning management, study inspection, etc.The northeast and southeast are conducive to cooperation, exchange and self-improvement;White, blue, black or black and white accessories will help.● Xiao Niu is conducive to harmonious communication, broaden the mind, should be open-minded steady, good planning.We should be equal, inclusive, trustworthy and win-win.It is suitable for visiting, making friends and helping each other, learning and discussing, business development, planning and planning, doing good deeds and praying, etc.Southeast and northeast conducive to unity and mutual assistance, career progress;Yellow and white, blue and black dress are auspicious.● Xiao Hu is conducive to the implementation of specific affairs, should be clear goals, careful planning.We should take both internal and external considerations into account, keep the overall situation in mind, grasp the trade-off between advance and retreat, and not seek quick success and immediate benefits.Suitable for financial transactions, business negotiations, innovation and creativity, management assessment, learning and self-examination, etc.Northeast and southeast conducive to financial development;Blue-black and green, light blue clothing is good for harvest.● Xiao rabbit should seek benefits and avoid harm, and strive for stability, not active attack.To guard against microcosm, recognize yourself, avoid recklessness, and move against the trend.It is advisable to spare for work, not cooperative parties, seeking financial development, etc.We should be open-minded and introverted, bear in mind the overall interests and avoid exacerbating conflicts.Southeast prone to contradiction damage, avoid as far as possible;Dark green or blue and black clothing can help.● Xiaolong should be open-minded and peaceful, to protect peace, not big things.Things are fickle, to be objective and rational, maintain a normal mind, do not paranoid capricious.It is advisable to wait for the opportunity, not cooperative parties, negotiations and transactions.We need to cultivate our hearts and minds, uphold the middle way and properly handle differences.Southeast easy to tangle nuisance, to avoid;White and blue and black clothing releases pressure.● Xiao snake to display their talents, relax, pragmatic requirements, steady and steady.The way to profit is to keep pace with The Times, to aim for the long term, advance and retreat orderly.In terms of investment and consumption, we should do what we can to avoid unnecessary efforts.Southeast consumption, pay attention to adjustment;The northeast is conducive to cooperation and expansion;Green, light blue and red clothing can help.● Xiao Ma can help to play, release pressure, should follow the rules, steady zhiyuan.To reflect the heart, avoid arbitrary and indulgent.Suitable for visits, publicity, charity, wishing and praying, etc.We must distinguish good from evil and properly handle differences.Northeast easy to have a nuisance, southeast consumption, try to avoid;Green and red green with auspicious dress.● Xiao Yang is conducive to exchange and mutual learning, win support, should be open and inclusive, reasonable planning.We should be inclusive, do a good job in internal communication and strive to form synergy.Suitable for visiting, teaching friends, solidarity and mutual assistance, negotiating transactions, learning planning, etc.Northeast prone to conflict, pay attention to avoid;Southeast and red and green or red and yellow matching clothing for mutual benefit.● Xiao monkey is easy to get help from nobles, conducive to a strong self, come true.Be gracious and modest, and use external forces more.Suitable for visiting elders, cooperation and expansion, friendship dredge, team building, learning planning, etc.We should seek common ground while assimilating differences, seek common ground and strengthen ourselves.The southeast and southwest are conducive to cooperation, exchanges and progress;Yellow, brown and white accessories can help.● Xiao Chicken is conducive to harmony, emotional exchange, help sail smoothly, make progress, to be confident, aggressive.Suitable for visiting teachers, teamwork, business development, learning planning, wishing and praying, etc.We should cherish our blessings and give back.Northeast and southeast, conducive to cooperation dredge, harvest;Yellow, coffee and white clothes are auspicious.● Xiao dog should be open-minded and introverted, keep steady, not big things.Be mindful of cause and effect, obey the overall situation, not impulsive.Should wait for the opportunity, not cooperation fellowship, trade expansion, etc.Want big belly to be able to tolerate, harmonious communication, avoid fight.Southeast and northeast are easy to be a nuisance, try to avoid;Red green or red yellow matching clothing to help dredge.● Xiao pig should be orderly, passive static, should not be too active.We should be rational and objective, keep in mind the long term, avoid the trend reasonably, and do not go against the trend.It is advisable to arrange reserves, make plans, study introspection, meditate and pray, etc.We must examine ourselves and make up for our shortcomings.Southeast and northeast have more pressure, need to pay attention to;White, blue black or black and white matching clothing can help.

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