Monaco have put a 100 million euro price tag on Cristian Chivameni

Monaco have reportedly put a 100 million euro price tag on Chivamemeni as they look to stave off interest from Europe’s elite.The 22-year-old was named Young Player of the year in Ligue 1 last season after a breakthrough campaign in which he started all but two of Monaco’s league games.His impressive performance as a central midfield player has caught the attention of Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid, among others, who have maintained interest in this window.Gioameni was valued at around £50m by Monaco this summer, but according to Marca they are now asking between £66.6m and £83m for his services.Real have sent chief scout Juni Calafat to hold discussions with player representatives that could put them on pole position, the report added.Thomas Tuchel has ordered Chelsea to do “whatever it takes” to sign Chuameni, the Frenchman’s number one target.Chuameni’s French team-mate Paul Pogba said of the 22-year-old’s ability in October: “Very, very good.He’s not a boy. He’s a man.”It was nice to play with him.He brings a lot of energy.A lot of energy, extraordinary technique and physicality.We want him to play more games and I want to be there for him.”Speaking to L ‘Equipe last year, Giovanni said of his future: “I remember after the National League, I was in Paris.I woke up and my phone exploded, “he said.”My father called me, we talked about everything and he told me I was on the front page of Marca.I went to Twitter and SAW it for myself.”I told him it was cool, but what does it really matter?It didn’t.Marca’s front page will not define me or make me do well in the race.This is not real life, this is the world of media, football.They are talking about me today, but tomorrow, they will be talking about another.”In the locker room, they lifted the screen and laughed and said, ‘Oh, have you left us already?’It’s flattering, but I don’t wake up in the morning thinking about it.”

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