Jilin Province to coordinate to solve the problem of agricultural materials transport pendant active anti-epidemic protection spring ploughing

Since early March, the outbreak of COVID-19 has adversely affected spring farming production in Jilin Province.In order to ensure the smooth progress of spring ploughing production, not miss the farming time, not miss the farming, Jilin Province to improve the station, adhere to the problem-oriented, rapid action, pay close attention to the implementation, actively coordinate to solve the agricultural materials under the difficulty of blocking points, to ensure the production of spring ploughing agricultural materials needs.First, establish a working system.The Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters of Jilin Province set up a special working group for spring ploughing preparation, and set up corresponding institutions at the city and county levels, forming a working system of coordinated efforts at the provincial, city and county levels.Jilin Provincial government organized provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, supply and Marketing Department, Water conservancy and Agricultural Science And Technology Institute and other departments to establish 9 comprehensive service guidance groups for spring ploughing production, which were responsible for the work in different areas and promoted the implementation of the work.Jilin province agriculture and rural areas hall 14 people set up a special working team drawn capable force, set up the seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery, science and technology 7 working group, mainly be responsible for the comrades in command, set office, unified scheduling, comprehensive analysis, as a whole, coordinate to solve such problems as agricultural materials transportation hem plugging point, the point, promoting orderly spring solid propulsion.Second, we will strengthen organizational promotion.On March 25, the provincial government organized the province for spring planting work video conference, dispatching work progress, and to analyze the situation, to solve the problems such as poor agricultural materials transportation and delivery deployment, require local governments to improve the ideological understanding, more powerful and effective measures are taken, clear agricultural capital marketing channel, promote the production enterprise to return to work and production, ensure supply of agricultural materials.Nine guiding documents were issued, including the Notice on Actively Responding to COVID-19 and Effectively Preparing for Spring Ploughing Production, to set forth requirements on financing and materials for spring ploughing, transportation of agricultural materials, drought and flood prevention, and technical guidance services.Third, get through the transportation blocking point.In response to the problem of blocked transportation of agricultural materials, the working group of spring ploughing preparation communicated the situation at the coordination meeting of epidemic prevention and control mechanism in Jilin Province for many times, and the leading group of Epidemic prevention and control in Jilin Province included seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural materials in the management of the green channel list of transportation.Jilin Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the Notice on Coordinating agricultural Supplies and Employment Guarantee for Agricultural Production in Spring, instructing agricultural and rural departments at all levels to coordinate relevant units to help enterprises apply for agricultural supplies transport permits and solve agricultural supplies transport problems during the epidemic.In view of the problem of some enterprises and individual agricultural materials transport vehicles being blocked at the checkpoint, Jilin Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs arranged special personnel to timely communicate with the provincial epidemic prevention and control traffic and transportation control group to help coordinate and solve “point-to-point” and “one-to-one” solutions. Up to now, 13 problems of blocked checkpoint have been solved.On March 24, the Agriculture and Rural Department of Jilin Province, the provincial Development and Reform Commission and the provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative issued a joint document for 472 key agricultural materials enterprises to issue a certificate of “guarantee supply enterprises”, and their product transportation will be given priority to ensure that agricultural materials are in place in a timely manner.Fourth, we will coordinate efforts to resolve the shortfall in agricultural supplies.At present, the overall supply of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural materials is sufficient, but individual varieties such as potash fertilizer are relatively tight.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs dispatched a working group to guide the preparation of spring tillage working group to coordinate with relevant provincial departments and keep close contact with enterprises such as China Agricultural Group to actively strive for the national quota of potash fertilizer reserve and solve the problem of potash fertilizer gap.We will organize cities and counties to coordinate the supply of goods, strengthen the allocation, transport and allocation of agricultural supplies, and promote the flow of agricultural supplies to villages and households.As of March 28, 87.1 percent of seeds and 68.3 percent of fertilizers were available to households for spring tillage production.In the next step, Jilin Province will strengthen the preparation of spring farming agricultural materials under the situation scheduling, timely grasp the progress, actively coordinate traffic, public security and other departments, solve the agricultural materials transportation and distribution process encountered difficulties, blocking points, ensure that agricultural materials in time, do not miss the time of farming, lay a solid foundation for annual agricultural yield.(Edited by: Ma Junhua, Xie Long)

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