Attention: China Lantern World from today to implement reservation system into the park!Please book tickets in advance

Since its opening on December 31, 2021, China Lantern World has been very popular among tourists.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the total number of tourists reached the critical value of the maximum tourist carrying capacity of the scenic spot.In order to ensure the comfort level of visitors and in accordance with relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control and park operation, China Lantern World has adopted the reservation system to enter the park from now on, strictly implementing the policy of “no reservation, no entry”, and limiting the total number of online reservations to 30,000 people per day.Please make an appointment on the relevant ticket platform one day before entering the park.Unsuccessful visitors.Please visit us sometime.Sorry for any inconvenience caused.Special reminder: February 14 (Valentine’s Day), February 15 (Lantern Festival), February 16, three days, expected to meet the peak passenger flow, please plan to travel in advance booking tickets, so as not to delay your trip.For 24-hour information, call 0813-6679999.1, China Lantern World Spring Festival opening hours February 7 — February 14 (7th to 14th day of the first lunar month) Opening Time: 16:00 Closing time: 23:00 February 15 (Lantern Festival) Opening time: 16:00 Closing time: 23:30 (Specific information of the scenic spot on that day shall prevail.)2. In order to actively respond to the national, provincial and municipal epidemic prevention policies, tourists with travel history outside Sichuan province within 14 days are required to provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours and enter China Lantern World through special channels.Most complete 3, during the Spring Festival ticket discount policy of zigong, the lights and the big world scenic spot ticket epidemic prevention and control guidelines, operation time, opening and closing time garden (execution time for Feb. 1-15 February) on February 7th – February 14 (14) January 7th to the morning time: 16:00 close time: 23:00 on February 15, the morning time:2. Ticket time: The ticket window will stop selling tickets half before the park closes.Online ticket sales will stop at 22:00 on the same day.The ticket barrier will stop half an hour before closing.Iii. Entry process: Booking by real name — temperature measurement — “Three code” inspection (” Sichuan Tianfu Health Pass “health code,” Sichuan Tianfu Health Pass “location code, big data travel card) — ticket verificationIv. Healthy tour: Please wear masks correctly throughout the tour, strictly abide by the relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control, queue up in an orderly manner, visit separately, keep a distance of one meter line, and do not crowd or gather together.V. Important note: Visitors who have lived outside Sichuan province within 14 days should provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours and enter the park through a specially designed channel.Vi. In order to strictly implement the national epidemic prevention and control policies, ticket purchase is not allowed under any of the following circumstances: 1. People who are confirmed COVID-19 cases, suspected COVID-19 cases, asymptomatic infected persons and their close contacts or close contacts;2. Contact history of a patient with fever or respiratory symptoms from a community reported by a confirmed COVID-19 case or asymptomatic infected person in the previous 14 days;3. Have contact history with home quarantine medical observation personnel in the previous 14 days;4. Confirmed cases that have been cured and discharged from hospital and asymptomatic infected persons that have been released from centralized medical observation and are still under follow-up or medical observation;5. Having respiratory symptoms such as dry cough or digestive tract symptoms such as diarrhoea with body temperature ≥37.3℃, and cannot be ruled out for Novel coronavirus infection or other infectious diseases;6. Those who have traveled abroad in the first 28 days, and those who have lived in cities of medium and high risk areas in China in the first 14 days, and those who belong to the pre-warning management scope of Zigong city;7. Other personnel who cannot be identified as low risk after assessment.The scenic spot will adjust the requirements of epidemic prevention and control based on the situation and expert assessment.The above provisions will be implemented from January 1, 2022.Vii. Relevant Phone: Public Security and Police (Park) : 0813-5115710 Fire Police (Park) : 0813-5115719 Medical (Park) : 0813-5115720 Customer service (Park) : 0813-6679999 Da ‘an District CDC 24-hour duty phone:0813-3228900 Zigong CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention 24-hour duty tel: 0813-8237271 Please read the above instructions carefully before purchasing tickets.Editor: Melissa

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