Today, I took care of my grandma at home

Introduce: the dream is to want some, in case realized?Chen Yunshi is a shanliwa, left-behind children, the home is not open to traffic, water, electricity, cell phone signal……Destiny fell from heaven.The city baby dai Loyalty and Shanliwa Chen Yun poem through hongyan chuanshu, as a “hand in hand” good friend, staged another “metamorphosis”.What will life tear apart?On the way to a well-off society, who is charging the dream?Grandma whispered, “Oh!Low fever, afraid of what?All right!”Our cliff village, how many diseases are not dragged away?You know what?What’s the big deal?In our generation, we heal by our own devices!Moreover also took medicine!Grandma didn’t get to say the subtext.Chen yun shi tone pertinaciously said: “TODAY I don’t go to school!Take care of you at home!””Nibble!Nibble!”Grandma’s cough is more severe, but the attitude is indomitable: “you don’t tube me, I, I am ok!”Dear sun sun, you have to trust grandma’s health, strong and healthy, can survive a cold and fever.I’m used to minor ailments, nothing!The young Chen yunshi was silent and began to scoop water, put millet and cook porridge.Steamed bread has been made yesterday, later put on the pot, steamed hot can eat.After a while, Chen Yunshi came to the kang, sister Chen Limei shouted: “sister!Get up!”Sister came to a salted fish turn over, small hands in the air to draw a beautiful arc, continue to do spring and Autumn dream.”Limei, wake up!School to go to!”Grandma pushed the little girl.The little girl curled her lips and still ignored her.This is the rhythm of hibernation dawn!Too bad we can’t hear birds everywhere.This season, birds are also in bed, let alone the little girl!Chen Yunshi pinch time, specially not too much time in advance to wake up sister, for fear of her sleep time is not enough.But it’s time to get up.He lifted his wrist to check the time and urged, “Get up, you lazy boy!Get up or it will be too late!”The lazy little sister frowned impatiently, waved her little hand and said, “Don’t make so much noise!Let me sleep more!”Looking at her sister play to depend on the appearance, Chen Yun poem and good gas and funny, the bottom of my heart give birth to a trace of compassion.A moment later.Chen Yunshi feel time is pressing, anxiously patted her sister, shouted: “little lazy ghost, to be late!Miss Liu will be punished for being late!Get up!”I don’t know whether Teacher Liu or punishment station is effective, but sister Chen Limei did not ink, but began to grunt out of bed.The movements go from slow to fast, and finally go smoothly: dress, wash your face, cough, go to the toilet, and then start to drink millet porridge and eat steamed bread.My brother cooked breakfast.Sweet!How sweet!A dish of pickles lay quietly on the table.The bedside radio was blaring the news.The brick-sized radio my mother had brought back from the coast a few years earlier.The brother and sister were obsessed with the radio.The little radio opened up a big world beyond the mountains.Grandma also likes the radio very much, can not only listen to the drama, but also listen to crosstalk and sketches, often listen from ear to ear.”Chen Yunshi, Chen Limei, go to school?!”A voice as clear as a lark sounded at the door.Neighbor CAI Juanjuan wearing a red cotton-padded jacket, wearing a red scarf, like a fire.She came to invite the Chens to school.

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