Take the express | 16000!The main city “Wang Fried” Oct Binjiang one 1021 sets of small household evidence

Leju buying news is beginning to come out, before the Tianfu New Area “King fried” Evergrande Tianfu Peninsula just opened the offer!Today (April 8) the main city “Wang Fried” Oct Binjiang no. 1021 sets of small family forensics, water unit price of 1699-18902 yuan /㎡!I just need to flush it!Three highlights: the second ring Road of the main city, which is well located in the east second ring Road of the main city. The surrounding supporting facilities are relatively complete, especially excellent ecological resources.Small apartment, low threshold of 73 square meters of small housing, the total price is controllable, for the budget is not enough just need buyers very friendly.Present, what you see is what you get The whole property has been present, what you see is what you get, there is no waiting period, you can move in as soon as possible.Suitable for the crowd: housing 73-135 square meters, set two, set three, set four, cost-effective, more suitable for just need and just changed buyers.Evidence information: There are a total of 1021 houses in Building 20, 21 and 22, with the main apartment type of 73-135 square meters of clean water house, the average price of 16,0999-18,902 yuan/square meter, registration time: April 9th to April 10th.Project planning: The whole project covers an area of about 372 mu, which is divided into four phases.Phase III is commercial + residential (under construction);No information for phase iv.At present, the first phase and the second phase have been sold out and delivered. Oct No. 1 Binjiang is the third phase group with a plot ratio of 5.0 and a greening rate of 35%.Bearing group from the phase iii the vast majority of commercial facilities, in addition to meet across road and ims 2 junction box business, part of the residence downstairs, also has base business line along the face CDH road community inside, also have covers an area of great falling commercial design, on the roof of a business, and also has a green garden, connected by a pedestrian bridge and the third phase of residential part.In terms of product design, super high-rise design is adopted, the floor is 39-46F, and the ratio of ladder to door is 3T6 and 3T7. The plan to obtain evidence is building 20-22#, a total of three buildings, 1021 houses. The facade design of phase III group is basically the same as that of phase I and PHASE II.Generally speaking, Oct No. 1 Binjiang is a high-density steel plate with business and low living comfort.House type covers set 2, set 3, set 4, the area of 73 square meters, the selection range is large, just need and just change the demand can meet.House type analysis: house type construction area of 73-135 square meters, two sets, three sets, four sets, more selective, due to the early planning time of the project, the overall gift of large area, is one of the advantages of the project house type.Among them, the building area of C1 house is about 130 square meters, the actual area is about 144 square meters, and the complimentary area is 14 square meters.The house is four rooms, two halls and two bathrooms, with obvious dynamic partition, vertical hall design.There is no independent space for entering the house, but it is located between the dining room and kitchen, creating a limited space;The guest and dining room are 4.2 meters wide, with bay Windows, and the living room has no landscape balcony.The kitchen is more square, large space, connected with the free area of the living balcony, high practicality;The guest defends proximate kitchen, be located in 3 second lie intermediate position, convenient use.The master bedroom suite design, with an independent bathroom, and 3.9 meters of free landscape balcony, the master bedroom ventilation and lighting performance is good, high living comfort;The three secondary bedrooms are distributed on one side, all with bay Windows, and can be used as children’s room, elderly room and study.Overall look, this door space utilization rate is extremely high, do not have area waste almost, practical very strong, inadequacy is, the sitting room does not have landscape balcony, ventilated daylighting performance is reduced greatly.Transportation: There are metro Line 2, Line 4, line 7, but the distance is not too close, to Wanian Field, Yinghui Road, tazishan Park subway straight line distance of about 1 km, or a few minutes to walk.There are more than 10 bus stops within the range of 1 km, and there are 20 buses such as No. 4, No. 23, No. 58, No. 66, No. 71, No. 92, and No. 94 at the Wugui Bridge bus station, which is 200 meters away in a straight line.It is convenient to travel by car. The project is next to Yinghui Road, the extension line of Shudu Avenue. This road can directly reach Taigu Li, and there are two ring roads, middle ring road, building materials Road and other main urban roads around it, which can quickly reach the downtown and surrounding areas.Surrounding facilities:2 km range country shuanglin (ims), a primary school in chengdu, chengdu jin hui dongcheng elementary school, chengdu double celebration of middle school campus (ten thousand), double celebration of primary school of chengdu, chengdu Chambers elementary school, Ottawa international public schools (under construction), and other rich education resources, property consultants say the project is country shuanglin (ims), a primary school is read, alongside a under construction in the kindergarten.It is only 800 meters away from the Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province (Shahe Hospital District), and there are also public and private hospitals such as Chengdu Sixth People’s Hospital, Sichuan Friendship Hospital, and Chengdu Second People’s Hospital nearby, ensuring medical and health needs.Adjacent to the two business circles of Pancheng Steel and Mixc, the project itself has a commercial area of about 50,000 square meters, and wal-mart stores and other merchants have been introduced. About 1 kilometer to the east of the project is chenghua Heyue Plaza (under construction), which is already under construction. At present, the base business of the community near the project can meet the basic business needs.Tazishan Park is close to 400 mu in the south, and Shahe Ecological belt is close to 3 kilometers in the west. It is easy to go to the park and enjoy the river scenery after crossing the street. It has advantages in ecological resources.Article source: Leju buy a house

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