Lebron James could leave the lakers just because he wants to play with Browne, who has already laid the groundwork

News about James will leave the lakers this season also emerge in endlessly, and the United States today’s NBA reporter Chris Sheridan Revelations in the show, James left the lakers in the future also is not impossible, all this because his eldest son brownie, if the lakers can win brownie, then he will not leave the lakers,Instead, he will go somewhere where he and his son can play together.”I know how much lebron James loves LA, and so do his son and family,” Sheridan said. “Coming from Cleveland to LA has become a second home for them, and he wants to play with his son so much, he’s invested so much in his son,But the Lakers’ most recent first-round pick is required until 2027, and Browne is available for the NBA draft in 2023.””Lebron’s contract with the Lakers also happens to expire in 2023. It’s not a coincidence that he’s already set the stage for Browne, and other teams might want to draft Browne with a high pick in order to recruit Him, if James agrees to join their team,That said, it’s all about Browne joining the lakers.”Chris Sheridan continues.James is a great father, and he’s keen to mentor his son in his early years to make sure he’s on the right track in his early years, and the images of him with Brownie and his son will be great and memorable.

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