In 2022, fresh ecommerce targets’ prepared dishes’

A new blue ocean?Article/Meng Huiyuan editor/Li Wenjie Recently, the fresh track is bustling again.First, Hema made it clear that it would take the road of “multi-format online and offline collaborative development”.Later, The business scope of Ding Dong Mai vegetables was expanded to include bike-sharing services, enterprise management consulting and leisure and sightseeing activities.Then, the daily youxian and the head of the short video cooperation to start a live shopping fast.The up-and-down year of 2021 is over, and the development of fresh tracks with users’ ridicule, capital abandonment and collapse force these platforms that survived the battle Footing to wake up from the dream of “burning money to win the world”.In the year 2022, they seem to have found a new way to go……A single line of business, can not afford to support the future of fresh e-commerce has not passed, fresh e-commerce companies and spread the news of layoffs, inevitably caused endless imagination inside and outside the industry.Although we later got the reply that “individual job changes are normal organizational resources adjustment”, the poor development status of fresh electricity market is still very worrying. After all, according to the relevant data of “Dianshubao” e-commerce database, during January 2018 to October 2021,There are leng Yi, on the vegetable yonghui, easy fruit fresh, fresh fruit home, my kitchen fresh, wonderful life, fresh more, mini fresh, TableLife one table net, melon powder net, fruit camp line, vegetables to, Fields futian net, anxian fruit, young vegetable jun, community quick, fruit food help, food master, grab fresh purchase, three 321cooking and many other fresh electricityTo fall.Then, city life also announced bankruptcy, dairadish restructuring failure, squirrel spelling capital chain fracture, Baoneng fresh city closure, Ten party into layoffs closed crisis, Qian Dama lost Beijing, The United States food network has been repeatedly exposed to the news of layoffs and business scope contraction……All of this is pushing the limits of what workers and investors can tolerate.It has to be admitted that, as the number one choice in the entrepreneurial circle in the past two years, fresh electricity has entered the development cycle:Although fresh track players have created a variety of business models such as pre-warehouse, community shop and head procurement, and also took this opportunity to get more than 100 billion days of bets from the hands of the capital, but after a round of shuffling and remodeling, fresh e-commerce market is facing difficult profit, the customer unit price is not high problem is still difficult to solve.Perhaps, as the network and social e-commerce research center special institute Chen tiger hu dong, “fresh is essentially a burning money, plus fresh timeliness, the matching of the back-end supply chain, regional, and many other requirements are very high, so now although overall the industry competition is intense, but the basic has not yet formed a highly efficient profit mode, to solve the problem very much.”The high natural attrition rate and non-standard of fresh products determine the development keynote of high performance cost and low gross margin of fresh e-commerce.Combined with the cost of terminal distribution, consumers are price sensitive, customer unit price increase has flow bottlenecks and other factors, it can be said that fresh e-commerce based on fresh goods is aimed at a business that is not easy to make money.”Fresh electricity business if just burn money to do scale to do growth is not difficult, but there is no sense, in the elimination game of 10 billion to 100 billion, those businesses can not achieve profitable growth of players, business will be more and more difficult.”Therefore, as the founder of Daily Youxian Xu Zheng once judged, those “burn money for the market” players, take pains to pull investment subsidies, want to capture the hearts of the people with low prices, because they can not achieve self-hematopoiosis, the last is often difficult to continue, until the money burned out will fall one by one.The fresh electricity suppliers who survived finally understand that, according to the business model now explored out, to operate a single fresh product business line is not to support their own, with “burning money” to maintain water to the end will only drag themselves down alive.Since the beginning of 2022, we can see that some fresh food e-commerce companies have reflected and are making corresponding adjustments to their own business lines.For example, Hou Yi, CEO of Hema, released an internal letter on the first working day of the year 2022, pointing out that Hema has clarified the “road of multi-format online and offline coordinated development”, aiming to improve the current profitability of single stores to comprehensive profitability.Among the five strategies mentioned in the letter, there is a two-round strategy of upgrading from “online development primarily, offline development supplemented” to “both online and offline development”.At the same time, hema’s three growth curves pointed by Hou Yi also began to take effect: Hema Xiansheng focused on high-frequency home and in-store market, integrated multiple functions of supermarket, vegetable market and restaurant, and delivered goods within 3 kilometers of the store within 30 minutes;Hema X Member Store aims at middle and high-end paying members. The warehouse membership store can provide more private brands, higher cost performance, deeper products and stronger SKU services.Hema Neighborhood focuses on community retail, and through the mode of “ordering + self-management”, hema products infiltrate into each community to supplement the radiation of hema to users in different circles.Daily Youxian is also trying to break the circle from another dimension.According to relevant media reports, at the end of January, Daily Youfresh combined with a head of a short video platform to test the water live with goods, its live shopping extremely fast business selection to raw food ingredients, short food and drinks, consumers from the broadcast room after placing orders, the daily Youfresh front warehouse as soon as 30 minutes can be delivered to the door.The reason can be so fast, because of its shopping process and the traditional direct broadcast with goods slightly different.Thanks to the front warehouse network of Daily Youxian, when consumers place an order in the broadcast room, the front warehouse near their delivery address will receive the order, and complete the process of picking up, packing and leaving the warehouse within a few minutes, and then deliver the goods to consumers in the fastest time.Therefore, this is also known as the first cooperation between live streaming e-commerce and real-time retail. Live streaming shopping has directly entered the era of same-day delivery from next-day delivery to next-day delivery.Ding Dong mai CAI is trying to break the limit of a single customer group, ready to get greater upside space from other fields.According to iqicheck data, Ding Dong Maicai operating subject Shanghai One Hundred Meters Network Technology Co., LTD., its business scope of new bike-sharing services, business management consulting and leisure and sightseeing activities, the registered capital of the company also increased from 3.5 billion yuan to 8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 128.6%.Of course, these platforms are only taking the first steps, and it remains to be seen whether these new directions will gain traction with users and change the platform much.However, as long as the industry is clear on the full range of penetration, diversified business layout of the new strategy, will only “burn money”, but in the regulatory tightening, financial constraints and other factors and can not “burn money” fresh e-commerce people, will undoubtedly see more possibilities.Seeking differentiated development, but are eyeing the “prepared food” a very interesting new news, in the new direction of the line of business are basically different fresh e-commerce people, together eyeing the “prepared food”, all want to snatch the C of the New Year’s Eve dinner.Around the New Year’s Eve dinner needs, daily youxian intensive shelves of all kinds of prepared dishes gift boxes.Among them, xibei family feast prepared dish gift box of “nine famous dishes assembled” and dahongmen Beijing prepared dish gift box of “eight cooked food packaged in one box” have become the TOP4 commodities in the gift box category.Hema has also launched 18 different “eight Bowls” dishes in different regions of the country.In Guangzhou, for example, the “Eight Bowls” of prepared New Year’s Eve dishes include braised pork in brown sauce, raw stir-fried ribs, fried fish cake, fried goose’s feet, braised pork with taro, braised pork hand, osmanthus flower and family photo, all of which need only heat to eat.The sales data of Ding Dong Maicai, hema fresh prepared food, shows that the food related to prepared vegetables in this year’s Lunar New Year’s Festival has increased by more than 400 percent compared to last year.In particular, the sales of some dishes associated with the New Year’s Eve dinner, such as “steamed meat cake with rich croaker in bloom”, increased by more than 980% from last week.And the prepared vegetable market is not a “wave” of New Year’s Eve dinner.According to the report forecast by China Business Industry Research Institute, according to the annual compound growth rate of 20%, China’s prepared vegetable market in the next 6-7 years or over trillion yuan scale, the scale of China’s prepared vegetable industry is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan in the long term.From the bright sales data and trillion market prospects, the fresh food e-commerce companies, which have always focused on agricultural and sideline products, this time aimed at a blue ocean market that has not yet taken root in the head enterprises and brands.”A key reason for the rise of prepared food in the market is the scale, standardisation and industrialisation of the whole restaurant industry, with most restaurant dishes now ‘prepared’.”Wu Ting Ting, head of the daily excellent fresh food group, said in an interview.Some practitioners even believe that fresh e-commerce has a front warehouse, community store, head procurement and other modes, in the consumer market operation and development for many years, on the basis of precision marketing, but also to minimize the scrap rate of dishes, so as to seize a plurality of consumer groups.But more importantly, the domestic food culture is characterized by numerous dietary factions, wide differences in taste and regional characteristics.In recent years, consumers’ choice of dishes and flavors for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner is not limited to local traditional dishes, and tastes from the north and south are becoming more and more integrated.This means that China’s prepared vegetable market is difficult to form a dominant situation, even if fresh e-commerce platforms have entered the prepared vegetable market, from the perspective of taste, variety, practice and other aspects, to a large extent, can avoid falling into the vortex of homogenization competition.This is undoubtedly very friendly to platform enterprises that make intensive use of resources, and it is the key point of differentiated development.After all, the present stage platform, such as the daily optimal fresh on precast food production and processing of private brand’s “contract model”, perhaps the future platform will have to open its own factory, using the established supply chain and channel advantages, collect more rich local characteristics of raw materials, produce the original flavors of prefabricated dishes also unknown.All in all, whether it is the change of business mode, or the adjustment of business scope, it is not difficult to see that fresh electricity is creating a “spring” without capital catalysis.Fresh electricity suppliers starting again, the outside world is worth waiting patiently for good news.

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