Today I officially broke up with my blind date for half a year

I 92 female height 163, he 90 height 162, family environment is not much different from each other.Two people in different places, usually see each other once a week or two weeks, less than five months together.Cause: He texted me out of the blue around 22nd of last month and said he wanted to talk to me, so we went out to talk.At first he just drove around, and then he started talking about how he was feeling and what he thought I was doing wrong, and then he didn’t say anything.Behind I also said what he said, answered my own recent feelings, behind he did not say anything, and then I talked about each other hope each other to change the small shortcomings, he did not say anything, silent silent.It was the year of the Tiger, the first New Year we were going to spend together. I asked him if he wanted to come to my house, but he kept silent.Then we went to a park and walked for about 20 minutes. I walked very slowly, and then he walked even harder, walking behind me all the time.I would stop and look at him sometimes, and he would look at me and say nothing.I felt like he really didn’t want to say anything to me, so I said I’d better go home.On the way to send me home, I turned over and said other topics to ease the atmosphere, and then he did not answer the words, nearly to my house when the snack roadside stalls just came out, I asked whether to buy a snack back to the family to eat it!He replied to me: “I am not familiar here, usually his brother buy midnight snack, do not need him to buy.To the door, I did not immediately get off, I looked at him, he looked at me.I asked him if you wanted to say something to me, he did not say anything, I said: then I went home?He said yes.And then it didn’t and I was just wondering, why are you not calling me all of a sudden?I bowed my head and sent a lot of messages to him, but he didn’t respond to me. I watched some interesting videos in Douyin and forwarded them to him, but he couldn’t read them.On New Year’s Eve, I sent him a message on wechat, but he didn’t reply.I pinch hair happy New Year to him, he did not reply.That was the last time I texted him.From the evening of 22nd to the evening of 4th this month, he never sent me a message.Even though I called him many times, he never texted me back or called me.So cold violence to deal with our relationship, more than half a month of time said do not contact do not contact, I think this is you want to break up with each other by default.Then I’ll leave you alone.But suddenly sent a message to me last night.The weather is quite warm (in fact, the temperature was quite low last night, at least it is a cold night during the Spring Festival this year), asked me to go out for a walk date?He saw that I did not agree with him, and later sent a message saying that he did not contact me during this period because he felt that he needed a cooling-off period. Now he thinks the cooling-off period can pass.We can see each other normally. I asked you out and you got to get rid of your bad habits, things like that.I was angry: I said you have a problem, this is not the first time, you every time a little bit unhappy you ignore me, to me cold violence processing, also no matter how many times I found you.You said the cooling-off period was the cooling-off period, and you ignored me.You said the cooling-off period was over, and you got bored, and then you thought of me, and you texted me and asked me to come out on a date and I had to come out and see you.Did you consider my feelings during that time?Did you tell me what you were thinking?Nothing. When you’re upset and you don’t contact me, you say there’s a cooling-off period.You contacted me when you were happy.You said the cooling-off period was over, you said you wanted to talk to me, you could listen to me but you wouldn’t tell me what you wanted.I said you can’t do this, every time there are problems and contradictions do not face together, always used to silence, after the event as nothing, and then a period of time when the mood comes up you take the previous good problem.Do not say the size of the dozen things, you want me to coax you, to accommodate you.In less than half a year together, I ask myself that THERE is no disorderly temper nor unreasonable, I even in the boyfriend a little “make a little” have not experienced.In turn when the boyfriend of you, I hope that I can have the girlfriend should have tenderness and hope that I can have “boyfriend” coax “girlfriend” on the patience to care for you.I said that this kind of relationship, we will be very tired, not good to get together?He immediately replied, “Yeah, good bye.”Ha, ha, ha.I told you, he didn’t really come to me, didn’t coax me, didn’t admit his fault, I said to end it, immediately back so fast, not a bit of hesitation.Oh, that’s a little sad.

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