Daily maintenance of network data storage backup system

After the backup system is successfully installed and debugged, routine maintenance includes hardware maintenance and software maintenance.If the hardware device has high reliability, the system does not need frequent maintenance after normal operation.Generally speaking, tape drives are the most vulnerable parts of a tape library. When backup read/write errors occur, check the working status of the tape drives first.If an unexpected power failure occurs, check whether the connection between the device and software is normal after the system restarts.The automatic cleaning of the magnetic head can be automatically managed by backup software. A DLT cleaning tape can be used for 20 times, and the magnetic head can be cleaned once a month.The software and hardware errors and warnings detected during the working process of the software system have obvious prompts and logs, and can be sent to the administrator by email.Administrators can also use the remote management function to comprehensively monitor the running status of the backup system.The establishment of network data backup system plays a key role in ensuring the safe operation of the system, the timely elimination of various system faults and the timely recovery of database system.Automatic tape libraries and centralized operation management ensure data backup quality and enhance data backup security management.At the same time, the introduction of near-line tape library technology has undoubtedly provided a more convenient means for data recovery and utilization.Hopefully, more organizations will be able to introduce these technologies more quickly, so that system administrators can be data free.5. Backup and recovery of storage data With the in-depth application of local area network and Internet in each unit, the server in the system bears the key application of the enterprise, stores important information and data, and provides comprehensive information query service for leaders and decision-making departments.For a large number of clients under the network environment to provide fast and efficient information query, data processing and Internet services.Therefore, it is an important task for network construction to establish a reliable network data backup system and protect the data security of key applications. In case of man-made or natural disasters, data will not be lost.

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