Sweet sorghum, the main feed variety for beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep, is introduced in detail in terms of sowing methods and management

Grass each style has its special place, such as sweet sorghum are loaded with sugar, is one of the important substances, animal husbandry and increase fat its palatability, digestibility and nutritional value is better than that of maize straw, economic benefit is very obvious, for large dairy cows, planting sweet sorghum, the mu yield up to more than 12000 kg, quite corn yield 2 ~ 3 times,So it is now widely planted.Sweet sorghum sweet sorghum has strong adaptability, good resistance, lodging resistance, disease resistance is also very outstanding.Suitable for spring sowing in most areas of our country, mainly in northeast, North China, northwest and southern provinces and cities.The sowing method of sweet sorghum is as follows: 1. Selecting and preparing land: sweet sorghum has developed root system and strong absorption of water and fertility, so it is advisable to choose flat, loose and fertile land, and the land should be ploughed deep and finely targeted and finely broken.The soil quality requirements are not strict, pH value in 5.0-8.5 soil can grow.The previous stubble requirements are not strict, corn stubble, soybean stubble can.2, seed selection and sun seed: before sowing sweet sorghum, high-quality seeds should be selected. Small seeds, deflated seeds and diseased seeds should be prohibited. Large seeds and full seeds should be selected for sowing.At the same time, in sunny weather, sun seed 2 ~ 3 days, improve the seed bud potential, bud rate.3, chemical seed mixing: sweet sorghum before sowing to chemical seed mixing, can choose high-quality seed dressing agent for seed mixing, prevention and control of smut, seedling disease, lack of element disease and underground pests, can also be used 25% powder rust rather than wet powder according to the amount of 0.3 to 0.5% seed mixing.This plays an important role in the later management, and can also be directly sown, but the later management is troublesome.4. Sowing time: the sowing time of sweet sorghum should be based on the growth period of varieties and soil moisture content. It is best when the average temperature reaches 15℃, that is, from March to May.The optimum soil moisture content is 15 ~ 20%.Late maturing varieties should be sown early and early maturing varieties should be sown late.5, sweet sorghum planting density: sowing can be machine sowing, also can be ordered sowing, sweet sorghum planting density to the “fertile land should be dense, thin land should be sparse” for the principle, usually 65 ~ 70 cm ridge.When sowing on demand, the hole distance is 15-20 cm, when the soil humidity is large, shallow sowing is needed, when the humidity is large, deep sowing is needed, and after sowing, fine soil or fine sand compaction is covered.6, sowing depth: sweet sorghum sowing depth of 3 ~ 5 cm is appropriate, but different soil types of sowing depth is different, clay soil is close, easy to harden should be shallow sowing, sandy soil poor soil moisture can be appropriate deep sowing.Field management of sweet sorghum: 1, seedling selection: sweet sorghum in the period of 3 to 4 leaves after seedling seedling, 5 to 6 leaves to carry out seedling selection, to keep strong seedlings, normal seedlings, not double seedlings, two stubble seedlings, also should be pulled out of the hybrid plant, improve the purity, give full play to the yield effect of good varieties.2, medium tillage management: sweet sorghum seedling period medium tillage 2 ~ 3 times, the first time combined with seedlings, 10 ~ 15 days later for the second time, before and after jointing a medium tillage, and topdressing, soil, promote growth while enhancing windbreak, anti pour and soil water storage capacity.3. Timely irrigation: water requirement of sweet sorghum at seedling stage accounts for about 10% of the total water requirement during the whole growth period, 50% at jointing and booting stage, 15% from booting to flowering stage, and about 5% at maturity stage. Irrigation should be timely and appropriate at jointing and booting stage, flowering stage and filling stage.4, reasonable fertilization: (1) Sweet sorghum in the planting should be combined with land preparation to apply bottom fertilizer, mainly with phosphate fertilizer, can apply 35% special compound fertilizer 30 ~ 35 kg/mu, with organic fertilizer 1500 ~ 2000 kg or so.(2) Sweet sorghum in the emergence of seedlings according to the seedling growth of appropriate topdressing, in the jointing period can generally be applied to mature agricultural fertilizer 1000 kg/mu, urea 10 ~ 15 kg/mu, to promote seedling growth and development.And in booting period can apply agricultural fertilizer 1000 kg/mu, urea 20 kg/mu.From heading to filling stage, suitable amount of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed to promote early maturity and increase yield.Sweet sorghum 5, timely harvest sweet sorghum growth period in 45 to 60 days, in the timely harvest period can harvest 2 to 3 stubble, if the irrigation conditions are good, sufficient fertilizer can be harvested 4 to 5 times a year, the average yield of fresh grass in 12 to 15 tons.Harvest in time after maturity, for the growth of the second stubble, choose sunny harvest, conducive to regeneration, sharp knife cutting when harvesting, stubble left to 3- 5 cm can.The variety of sweet sorghum is different, the quality of harvest is also different, so we should pay attention to when selecting seeds!

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