In addition to the West Lake, hangzhou’s other treasure scenic area, green mountains and clear water, as if a paradise

In addition to the west lake, hangzhou, and a treasure of scenic area, castle peak green water, like xanadu hangzhou, is a popular tourist city, and is the capital city of zhejiang province, and could be said to be people praise the beauty of the west lake in hangzhou, zhejiang province, and here in hangzhou is a very rich culture and history, and the scenery here is very good,Quite a lot of people here have left a deep impression, broken bridge above people coming and going, a lot of people are here to play, feel belong to here is not the same as the unique scenery, and the scenery of west Lake here is very beautiful, but there are quite a lot of people here to play.Crowded don’t go to the west lake, here only takes 10 minutes from hangzhou, the scenery is very beautiful, more to the point here, as well as the west lake is a free and open, will be here quite a number of hangzhou local trips, and many people call it even a back garden in hangzhou, for foreigner here is a very strange place,Many people do not know that this is Maojiabu Scenic area, located at No.17 Yanggong Dike, Santai Mountain, Xihu District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, the overall scenery is very beautiful.Only you come here scenery is very beautiful, and if you come here is spring, can on a unique scenery here, especially here at green hills and water, as if came xanadu, feel the sound of birds here, and the light wind gently brushed, the ripples of the lake, looking at this broad lake,Only when you come here can you see the unique scenery, fresh and healing, and the lake is very wide, with the spring colors, feel the unique scenery here.If you were here the other seasons, here is the whole scenery is pretty good, and it’s as if a xanadu, less is to ask of the outside world, enron, stand here quietly, here is a landscape of feeling, and where beauty became the appearance of the landscape painting, only when you really come here to know,Feel is here unique a clear sound, has become the sound of nature, very good, if you have a worry, must come here a quiet.In MAO’s home port scenic spot here, you can see quite a lot of arch bridge, although many people here as the west lake scenic area, but the scenery here is quite good, actually I like some people less scenic area, can only be felt at the moment of some scenic spots in a unique scenery, this is the scenery in memory, is see appearance is a kind of very primitive scenery,It’s a very peaceful place with beautiful scenery reflected in the water.Hangzhou has a small number of tourist destinations, only 10 minutes from the city, a good place for locals to relax!

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