What is the reason why the school uniform color of Zombie School is green?Behind the scenes production tidbits big open!

On the 26th of last month, South Korea Netflix YouTube channel to upload the title for the zombie campus | make films “, the public behind the film and the production process.In the movie, director Lee Jae-kyu said, We mobilized various mechanisms to make zombie Campus enjoyable for people who do not like zombie dramas.That opens up the conversation.The director added, The school space was designed to be visible to the public at the beginning, so I created a lively and refreshing atmosphere. I thought a lot about lighting and art colors for each place.The director added, “We built a four-story school by building a scene of nearly 100 meters in order to fully represent the scene.”As for the colors of the school uniforms, the director explained, I wanted to create a stronger feeling through the complementary color contrast between the red blood and the green uniforms of the children.”I think the most important thing is the sense of presence,” said The director.In order to give students a real sense of what is happening, many “One take shots” and “long take shots” were used in the early days.”Zombie Campus” in the broadcast before, after also attracted a heated discussion, the play played a number of students with high appearance level of young new generation actors are more attention.As the finale aired, the audience also eagerly awaited their future works.

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