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In January 2022, when everyone was planning how to celebrate the New Year, the epidemic suddenly appeared on the shores of Bohai Sea.Tianjin to high Wushang Changan family car association, spontaneously joined the anti-epidemic team, under the leadership of president Pipi, car friends fighting in the first line!Tianjin high Wushang Changan family car association president drive: long comfortable move XT, Changan CS8501 united against the epidemic, high Wushang in action although not a native of Tianjin, but good and honest skin said, in a city life, it is to love all of it, have its temperament.Pipi spoke with a natural sense of humor, but spoke of the anti-epidemic action with kindness and warmth.At that time, Tianjin began to do nucleic acid testing in full minutes. The sudden notice made it impossible to implement all resources in the first place.After knowing the situation, pipi quickly if you have called for the organization, set up a security team immediately, disease resistant material transportation vehicles, they use the big space of changan for disease resistance relay, protective clothing, swabs, test reagents, cotton, all goods can put how many put how many, all people into the community, in a line, where the need for personnel,They are everywhere.In October 2013, Pipi bought his first car — Changanshu XT. Six years later, Pipi bought Changan CS85. These two cars accompanied him on many roads, spread his love to further places, and harvested many warm moments.Since joining Tianjin Zhigao Wushang Changan Family Car association, Pipi has followed her fellow drivers to all corners of Tianjin – children’s welfare homes, nursing homes, animal rescue agencies, where there is a need, there are their shadow.Let PI PI most impressed is, in a children’s welfare home to help activities, a six or seven year old little girl, in the activity is always cowardly cowardly very self-abased appearance, also dare not interact with everyone, but let him do not think of is, before leaving the girl secretly pulled his skirt said: “uncle, thank you!”Is a simple thanks, poke to his heart, later pipi understood the girl’s life, only to find that the children need more is the guardian of the soul.Since then, Pipi has time will listen to the training of the welfare home, the way to play with the children for half a day, Pipi said, only with warm heart, in order to help others, their own harvest!Some people regard public welfare as a cause, while others integrate public welfare into their life.Pipi is a person who integrates public welfare into life. “Public welfare is everywhere and everyone can do it. As long as you have love in your heart and persist in your original aspiration, you can integrate it into your life!”Pipi said, in fact, it is more important to have such a group of like-minded car friends around, hoping to work with everyone to make public welfare into an extraordinary “cause”!The event will run from February 18, 2022 to February 25, 2022

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