Superior to ultra high sound quality, the two SanAG Bluetooth headsets are in complete contrast

As smart products such as mobile phones and computers become more and more common in people’s lives, headphones have become indispensable to people.Nowadays, most people prefer to use Bluetooth earphone, because it is more convenient to use than wired earphone. There are so many brands of Bluetooth earphone, how to choose a suitable earphone for yourself?Today we will take Sanag A5S Pro air conduction headset and Sanag A5X bone conduction headset to make a detailed comparison, talk about how to choose bluetooth headset, let’s have a look.Those who are familiar with Bluetooth earphones must have heard of SanAG. Sanag is a well-known brand in the industry that combines bone conduction earphones and air conduction earphones, and its cost performance is much higher than other brands. Due to its excellent sound quality effect of air conduction, sanAG is very popular among young users.In terms of appearance alone, there is not much difference between the two earphones. The body is made of memory titanium alloy frame, which can be bent according to the shape of your head, without worrying about breaking.In addition, it is matte texture, with simple overall design, and looks eye-catching and versatile. However, after careful observation, it can be found that the craftsmanship of SanAG flagship Bluetooth headset is far more delicate than that of sanAG generation bone conduction headset, and the color of magic sea blue is more advanced and fashionable than that of black.They are both made by SanAG, so there is not much difference in sound quality. With the help of innovative technology, these two earphones can provide clear and vivid sound quality, which is quite delicate, and it is a good experience for listening to songs, playing games and watching movies.Compared with bone conduction headset and air conduction headset, the upgraded air conduction Bluetooth headset has better sound quality and sounds more real, and has rich layers, with thick low frequency, delicate middle frequency and strong high frequency penetration, which can bring people audio-visual experience like sound in their environment.The battery life of ordinary Bluetooth earphones is mostly short, and it is easy to be short of power when you go out. However, sanAG’s two earphones have excellent battery life, ranking first among Bluetooth earphones. Sanag’s flagship Bluetooth earphone has a built-in 180mAh battery, which can last a long time.Can continuously play 8 hours of music, standby time up to 10 days, easily bid farewell to battery anxiety.The battery life of the Sanag Starshine Black Bone conduction headset is slightly less than that of the Sanag Magic Sea Blue flagship Bluetooth headset 2, but it compares well with other headsets.Details in the process of hands-on use of these two headphones, I find their detailed design is different, sanag phantom navy flagship version of the second generation more the details of the bluetooth headset, and the fuselage comes with 32 gb of memory, which can be used to store some songs, in addition to the mobile phone via bluetooth connection, also can be directly through the built-in memory card, so as to play songs.It is worth mentioning that it is also equipped with OTG download head, using the phone can also download songs, convenient.Both headphones are IP67 waterproof, making them ideal for running without sweat.Considering that most people use Bluetooth headphones not only for listening to music, watching TV and playing games, but also for talking, I also tested the noise reduction effects of both headphones.These two SanAG Bluetooth headsets are equipped with CVC8.0 noise reduction technology to reduce ambient noise and easily capture human voices for clearer call quality.In addition, they are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which makes the connection stable and fast, low power consumption and continuous connection, making it a comfortable use experience.With its blessing, I feel listening to music, play are happy.Wearing experience, there are a lot of wireless bluetooth headset is in-ear design, it’s hard to avoid can oppression to the ear, very uncomfortable, but the two sanag bluetooth headset is different, they are all made with ergonomic stick lug design, surface is silicone material, soft close skin, can stick with the ears, also will not bring pressure to the ear,And it is relatively light as a whole, wireless free, the body weight is only 18 grams, light and comfortable to wear, not easy to drop, can also wear intense sports!Conclusion: I believe that you have read the above content and have a certain understanding of the performance of the two products in all aspects.In my opinion, compared with Sanag A5X bone conduction headphones, The sound quality and experience of Sanag A5S Pro air conduction headphones are better than that of Sanag A5X bone conduction headphones, so let’s try it.

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