Do I have to pay one more year of tuition for deferred graduation?

Do I have to pay one more year of tuition for deferred graduation?Depending on the circumstances, if special reasons lead to suspension, thus delaying graduation, it is not necessary to pay more tuition fees, as long as the suspension procedures, in the time period after the resumption of school, and then pay tuition fees in accordance with the provisions;If the exam results are not qualified, can not get the diploma or degree certificate, it is necessary to charge a reasonable tuition fee in accordance with the relevant provisions.No matter how much fees are charged, schools should make public announcements to students and society.If there is random charge to the relevant departments in time to respond and report.The graduate that delay graduates is on graduation card and normal graduation card are same, do not have what distinction, also be to be able to take degree card.Postponement graduation refers to the students who cannot graduate normally because of some special reasons apply to the school for postponement graduation after reaching the prescribed learning period.Delayed graduation is not a very big impact on employment, graduation certificate will not specifically indicate that you are delayed graduate.However, the extension of a year, delay is the students’ own time, waste of educational resources, and destroy their original planning.Therefore, it is better not to postpone graduation.What are the circumstances in which you cannot graduate normally?1. Not getting enough credits is a common reason.If the credits are not enough, you will have to extend them for a year to get enough credits. Therefore, you must be careful when selecting courses and calculating credits.2. Drop out of school on their own or for some special reasons.3. Failed thesis.In the preparation and defense of the thesis, the attitude is not serious, not qualified standards, will not be able to graduate normally.

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