“This life has you”, cute flatness, why can win the picky Nie Dongyuan’s love

By zhong Hanliang Li Xiaoran co-starring “this life has you”, has been a perfect closing.Pingping was born with congenital heart disease, but he was loved by all.His mother meticulous care, in the pain of their own, but formed a strong character.Although, Sun Zhijun is not his own father, but Sun Zhijun is also a heart as his own son love.So he grew up in a normal family atmosphere.What’s more, he knew from an early age that his illness required a lot of money, and his parents were desperately trying to make money for his illness.In addition, Tan Jing’s friends and tan Jing help each other, which makes tan Jing grow up in love despite his illness and surrounded by acquaintances with positive energy.Therefore, the average personality, give a person the feeling is very likable.This setting, even though flatly sick, but also very sunny character laid a very good foundation.His father and his uncles, Nie Dongyuan and Sheng Fangting, were not so lucky.Sheng Fangting grew up without his father’s love, and then his mother always cried, which made his character seem gloomy and cold.Nie Yusheng was the same. Although his father was in front of him, his father gave him almost no guidance, which made his relationship with his father very bad.Among them, the three children, Pingping, finally give people the impression that his personality is very gentle and firm, because his growing environment has created his personality.Therefore, it seems that there is not a direct relationship between the environment and money, the best environment is the parents care for their children, but it does not mean that love can always teach children.As parents, for children, if very spoiled, and will put the children into bear children, we see a lot of bear children are like this.However, as a mother, Tan Jing does not spoil her child very much. Although it is easy to spoil her child when he is sick, tan Jing always quietly transmits her stubborn personality to her child through her words and deeds.Therefore, when the child saw Nie Dongyuan for the first time, it left a very deep impression on Nie Dongyuan, and also let Nie Dongyuan like the child from the heart.Nowadays there are a lot of children who grow up in their parents’ over-indulgence.Such children walk where, will let a person feel very annoying.It’s not that they get less love, it’s that they get too much love and they don’t measure it.Moreover, parents always think their children are small, so they will give them more pampering and excuses.Such a child, even if taken out, may not bring out the feeling of ordinary.If it was a bad child, nie Dongyuan might not be able to attract his attention, nor could nie Dongyuan feel that he was afraid of melting in his mouth, holding his hands in his heart for fear of falling, so he wanted to flatten all the best things.Therefore, character determines destiny, if a person has a good character and upbringing, no matter where can usher in their own spring!What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.If you like this article, please long press the “like” button at the end of the article, one key three consecutive small make up surprise oh.(Original article, please do not copy)

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