After Ukraine, Putin has his eye on the next target!Trudeau didn’t expect it: bad news

The United States and other Western countries have long characterized the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as an “invasion”, with this excuse, the United States began to vigorously increase the sanctions on Russia, Canada and other western countries have followed.And Russia is certainly not going to sit idly by. After Ukraine, Putin has his eye on the next target. Trudeau didn’t expect the news to come too soon.The US just wants to keep Russia down and bring down its economy.However, the United States has a lot of problems, and economic sanctions cannot solve them. The world pattern will not change because of the pressure from the United States. Economic integration and global cooperation are the general trend.Sanctions against Russia has sanctions against Russia, the United States and other western countries are doing all they can, even tougher sanctions on Iran, than that of the United States sanctions against Russia project has been up to more than 5000, the most economic, and cultural aspects were involved, even the cats were sanctions from Russia, the so-called mind he beat his dog will easily find a stick, even the cat to sanctions, the west has abnormal behaviour.After the United States began to act first, its Allies followed suit. For example, Canada, a perennial follower of the United States, actively followed the United States in imposing sanctions on Russia, with more than 500 Russians on Canada’s sanctions list.Russia is not going to sit still. As it pushes forward on its front in Ukraine, the Putin administration has also launched a counterattack against Canada. Russia has announced sanctions against more than 300 Canadians, including Trudeau.At the end of the day, Canada is actually the U.S. ‘s sidekick. Whatever the U.S. says and does, Canada will follow suit.Not only against Russia, but also against China. China and Canada have no historical entanglements or practical conflicts of interest. However, in order to cater to the United States, the Trudeau government has been in collusion with the United States, constantly attacking and discrediting China.This is the real face of western countries.To resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there should be no sanctions at all, which will only intensify the contradictions among all parties.To solve the problem, the first thing to do is to exercise restraint and then resolve differences through peaceful negotiations. The West’s repeated pressure on Russia will only worsen the international situation. The Zelensky government in Ukraine is dragging the whole world towards a third world war.At this critical juncture, the West should stop putting pressure on Russia and resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine through communication and consultation. Otherwise, the situation will continue to deteriorate, and the United States will not be able to escape the tragic consequences even on the other side of the ocean.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.For more exciting stories, check out the City of the Atom

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