Husband drinking beer, wife holding baijiu looking at him in disbelief, net friend: Send him to the kids table

A video of a man and his wife drinking alcohol has gone viral and caught the attention of Internet users.On February 15, 2022, a man in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, was having dinner with his wife when she suggested a drink, so he took out baijiu and poured himself a glass.The man couldn’t drink white wine, so he poured himself a glass of beer. When clinking glasses, his wife held a glass of white wine and looked at the beer in his hand with an expression of disbelief, as if to say: I drink white wine, is this suitable for you?Then the wife seemed to remember that her husband could not drink liquor, and his face turned into a contemptuous expression, as if to say: small sample.In just a few seconds, the wife changed several expressions, did not say a word, but felt that said thousands of words.According to the man, his wife is an ethnic Mongolian who likes to drink and never gets drunk.Netizens expressed their opinions after seeing such a funny scene.”Brother, when you go to your husband’s house, are you qualified to sit at the children’s table?’Your wife’s facial expressions mean you have to bear it if you don’t believe it,’ said another.’In our village, people like him can only go to the children’s table,’ said another.From his wife’s eyes and expression, we can see that the man was despised by his wife at the wine table. Many people have a misunderstanding that women must be worse than men when it comes to drinking.In fact, many women drink better than men, but like to drink fewer women, let a person mistakenly think that they can not drink, but if you really can drink women, a lot of men will be drunk, but women know how to show weakness in front of men, know retreat and retreat.No wonder Internet users say the best hunters are good at disguising themselves as prey.A small amount of alcohol is good for physical and mental health, a large amount of alcohol harm the body, so no matter can drink, alcohol must not drink too much, drink a little on the line, and there is no personal hatred between the husband and wife, there is no need to fight to fight to the point of death.

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