Dream dunhuang!Bai Hua x National Treasure X Novan co-branded chocolate packaging design, play live cultural relics

Which genre do you like best?Article source: Top packaging ID: DJbZ100 Picture source: Network, Weibo, @Zhonghua Xiaoming zai, Shuying network author: Brother Bao Editor:Born congruent with more and more young people to create products of “a” in the traditional significance also endowed with more lively, more diverse forms among them, the museum’s most ones, of course, in addition to the closely watched wen gen like dunhuang, sanxingdui bronze portrait of cultural relics ontology contains profound cultural value also needs to be more and more people see, therefore,Pay treasure to public welfare fund earlier this year, the flower bai to cooperate with China cultural heritage protection fund launched a “beautiful bai cultural relics to protect plan” dunhuang suicide note, sanxingdui bronze statues, longmen rain harp of cultural relics and so became the first batch of plan support to repair unexpectedly is also took bai “national treasure”, hand in hand and the blessed one chocolate brand launched a “dunhuang ancient books” chocolate taste chocolate in dunhuang!Left left left the first thing you see is this theme gift box to extract the dunhuang frescoes mineral pigment color appearance as the main tonal strive to maximize the reduction of dunhuang style box cover is engraved nine color established and LAN pavilion building on behalf of the precious dunhuang relics nine colored deer jump Yu Lanting first its free romantic elegant gesture reveals dunhuang type also,Gift box designed double open the door gently pull open the three-dimensional, in the form of “handle” the process of reduction in real life, open the door, enhanced real experience as pushed the history of the dusty door to take you into the dunhuang, once again feel the unique cultural charm to give the user more surprise product experience open box box containing two pieces of dark chocolate can be seen the design of the big square,Mural with the ancient books for lenovo products strong sense of ritual and cultural sense of chocolate were engraved on the team hand-painted, dunhuang fresco “the nine colored deer the figure” as inspiration for creation of dunhuang nine color again established another is golden ancient words in the dunhuang the preface to lanting set this from simulation to stereo sense is the “dunhuang ancient books” chocolate shows us more vivid in dunhuangBoth the product of gift giving and commemorative value again to feel a short article, create products and artifacts across time and space between “communication” from wen gen to the video propaganda wen gen chocolate in the joint design is not only a simple outline of the dunhuang heavy cultural history but also hopes adaptation channel to “past” and “now” the two-way interaction more vivid interpretation of the traditional culture and the cultural relics contact with foodIn addition to “Dunhuang Ancient Books” series, sanxingdui also shared with us the golden mask chocolate and lollipop, which integrates black technology and can “talk” golden mask chocolate.Gold mask before eating are being added to the user needs by specifying the steps with tools in his “off” the real cultural relics form experience a full marks the restoration process and sweet lollipop appearance or familiar viewed from the model of gradual change color crystal mask patterns more add a few minutes each taste sweet and romantic hope lollipops can feel blessing from one thousand on the product itselfIn addition to the food,Actually has a lot of crossover category for cultural relics are more vivid interpretation as the most familiar art treasures – dunhuang culture with a lot of colour makeup brand joint reappearance wonderful dunhuang “painting” left left left and, of course, there are a lot of fun brother wen gen design package not, for example, one by one from these creative wen gen around can see both traditional culture and cultural relics are not only in itselfTo interpret the cultural treasures lasting for thousands of years with a few words or visual expression, what we can do is to truly feel and savor the charm of the millennium from these young and personalized cultural and creative products combined with the interesting experience of cultural relics restoration

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