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At the end of the third year of Yongzheng’s reign, The spring of La came in the early morning, and Jia was a Confucian.A man dressed in a blue sweater and wearing a black scarf was looking at the yard with a blank look. He was seven feet tall and handsome, but his face was green and his eyes were sunken like consumption, like a ghost of a disease, and his appearance of excessive greed made people look at him with contempt and irritation.Feeling the memories repeatedly intertwined in my mind, the man did not know whether to cry or laugh. Jia Rui, alias Tianxiang, is the eldest grandson of Jia Dairu, who is now 24 years old.If anything happened to Jardary, he ordered Jardary to manage the business.According to the records in the Dream of Red Mansions, he was the most ambitious and indomitable person. Every time he was in school, he extorted his children from his private affairs, and later he helped Xue Pan to get money, wine and meat. Xue Pan’s bullying caused a great disturbance in his study.In ning house qing Jia jing birthday banquet met feng elder sister, and moved the idea of seduce.Wang Xifeng pretends to deal with him, finally, Jia Rui died in wang Xifeng design of acacia bureau.As far as I’m concerned, Gary killed himself.From beginning to end, Wang Xifeng is just trying to teach Gary a lesson.But Jia Rui is finally dead, this is also caused by Jia Rui, and Wang Xifeng is just a promoter.Now the time period is three days ago, Jiarui hit Wang Xifeng’s idea, and then was poured feces, frozen, beaten, punished to kneel down a set, Jiarui body can not bear, died last night.This body is now occupied by an ordinary man on a later blue star.”From now on, the past is gone, and I am Gary.””Gary thought.Jia Rui had read a dream of Red Mansions in his previous life and knew something about this world. It was a world in which immortals and Buddhas lived. From the beginning to the end of the story, lai Tou Monk and Taoist Priest Po Tou appeared, as well as the unreal land from the sky to the sky, and the police fantasy fairy girl showed that this world was not ordinary.Now since reborn in this world, so anyway also want to live a good for yourself.”Gary thought.And at this time of rongguo Mansion, two handsome, than pan Ann man is wearing a dahongpao, bright as the fairy concubine of the woman.”Now, auntie, we’ve given Gared a fair shake last night, with all the dirty water and the cold, and let the maid open her door last morning and let him out.Gary’s probably still on the bed right now!Ah-ha-ha…”The woman leaned back lazily on the cushion of the kang, closed her eyes and said, “You two have done a good job in this matter. I am him, too.This time to give him this lesson, in the future if the change is ok, if there is no repentance, that aunt I will take his life for God…”This matter does not mention, in the jia Rui, Jia Rui looked at the courtyard, the courtyard covers an area of about one mu, sitting south only three main rooms, and then is two wing rooms, an ear room, there is a well in the courtyard, planted two persimmon trees, the whole courtyard ancient and fragrant, with the characteristics of the Ming and Qing dynasties.According to the memory, the family hired a big momma surname liu and her son a call embolus served, then see your master up small si embolus, asked: “master, for you do not have breakfast, Sir When do you how wrong when to eat, father had to race to learn teaching, you can’t go anywhere today.””Ok, I know, I’ll go back to the house, you’re busy.”With that, Gary turned and went back inside.Back to the house, looking at this house some simple decoration.At the end of the room were a bed, a bookcase, on which more than half of the books were stored, a desk with ink, ink, paper, and inkstone all ready, three or four books lying open about, and a few encouraging scrolls hanging in the room, without much decoration.In The eyes of Jia Rui, I don’t want to be a famous scholar, but I also have some skills. Although the house is simple, it is also a scholarly family.Gary directly sit on the desk, his eyes empty thought his future, according to a book written jia home finally a white really clean, oneself these sideline attached to the jia family are all gone, but own the good advantage in goat early in eight hundred, it was search of acacia bureau check color and soul grant, killed the other.Now for their own came to this world, certainly will not repeat the mistakes of the predecessor, so how to do it, in fact, in the whole book jia all people have also pointed out a bright way, that is reading imperial examinations.The ze of gentleman, 5 world and cut, jia already all previous classics hundred years riches and honour, arrived the degree of sheng extremely and decline.Jia jiadeng family to family children left is the imperial examination this road, whether Jia Jing or Jia Zheng are the way of the imperial examination, is jia She was young when that is also the first prince’s companion, is also a civil servant, later because of the failure to stand a shrink head when the ostrich.And to jia Zhen Jia Zhu this generation, because a generation afraid of being liquidated, negligent discipline, leading to jia jia this generation are basically waste, Jia Zhen ashes daughter-in-law, Jia Rong Jia Qiang is not a bone, every day in the luxury, get drunk.Jia She is also hiding in the home to play fans and na wife, only Jia Zheng was pardoned by the Emperor to keep a five products of the ministry of works, so he often urged Jia Zhu and Jia Baoyu to read into school, in order to recover the linmei, jia family successor.Who would like to jia Zhu’s early death, Jia Baoyu is pampered by Jia mother and Mrs. Wang, is a person who sees readers as stupid.Each time Jia’s discipline was blocked, so that jia’s family was completely ruined.”Seeking sorrow and hatred without cause is sometimes like a fool, even though he is born with a good skin and a rough belly.Down and out of ordinary affairs, stupid afraid to read articles, lonely behavior perverse, which tube the world slander.”Is jia Baoyu’s true portrayal.In the end, jia jia only jia LAN a person with climate, also left a little fire jia.There must be more than one aspect of jia’s downfall. Now what Jia Rui can do is to try to protect himself and jia Dai Ru’s family first. If he can’t, he will help the whole world, and if he is poor, he will stay alone.Now he is small, he is just a jia family branch, but also offended the Ning State house Jia Rong, Jia Qiang and rong State house take charge of two grandma Wang Xifeng, now or a little low-key.Besides, his health is so bad that it looks like a phthisis. If he doesn’t take good care of himself in the cold winter, he may die just like his old body.Take care of yourself for now.Jarui had not eaten for three days and was already hungry. Now his body was weak and he had suffered a great crime. Jarjaru punished him not to eat again.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!

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