Remind!!!!It is forbidden to turn left from south to north on Xi ‘an Taihua Road interchange

To improve the traffic efficiency of nodes, Xi ‘an Public Security Traffic police will implement traffic organization banning left turn on Taihua Road interchange from south to north from February 9, 2022 (except buses). Vehicles turning left can go straight to ziqiang East Intersection and turn around or pass through Ziqiang East Road.Xi ‘an Traffic police new city brigade has been in the intersection of the overpass on the additional left traffic signs, and the traffic line adjustment, prohibit vehicles from the south left into the north Road;At the same time, the guidance sign is added to guide the left-turn traffic to go straight through the intersection through Taihua Road and Ziqiang East Road t-turn and then enter the north crossing of the overpass and turn right to complete the whole left-turn process.Please pay attention to the majority of drivers traffic organization adjustment, according to the traffic signs marking line and signal lights.

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