Hangzhou a new round of rain and snow weather officially opened the curtain!When will the good weather return?

Today, February 2 (year 2) officially up today early in the morning, a new round of rain and snow mountain yuhang diameter netizen has said the front is a piece of white snow visual is about 3 cm in diameter mountain began to under the snow from the late yesterday at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, also with the big goose feather snowflakes around eight o ‘clock,The snow gradually subsided, but it was still scattered. The tea mountain and the distant mountains were covered with a thick layer of snow. Other high altitude areas of Yuhang also showed a rare snow sceneHuanghu king mountain village on the snow can “squeaky” sound of the following mountain bird kiln mountain mountains also covered with a thin layer of white yarn on the eaves of the villagers’ homes also accumulated white snow Hangzhou observatory 11 issued a forecast that Lin ‘an Tianchi snow depth of 30 cm (new 5 cm) photographyChen Wencai 8 o ‘clock this morning Anji, Lin ‘an, shaoxing east Ningbo west, Jinhua west and other places in the mountainous area of the new 3 ~ 8 cm snow hangzhou weather announcement, today and tomorrow Hangzhou has rain and snow weather process, there is snow in the mountainous area.It is expected that the weather in Hangzhou will be sunny and rainy in the next seven days (February 2nd to February 8th).Today and tomorrow (2-3 days) there will be more obvious rain and snow weather process, mainly rain or sleet in plain areas, medium to heavy snow in mountainous areas, the 6th evening to the night from cloudy with rain, the rest of the time mainly cloudy.The temperature is lower than usual.The lowest temperature on 5th (the fifth day) and 6th (the sixth day) was 0 ~ -2℃ in plain area, -3 ~ -7℃ in mountainous area, and 1 ~ 3℃ in other days.The highest temperature 2-3 days 3-5 ℃, the rest of the time 5 ~ 9℃.Xiaobo reminds us that there will be moderate to heavy snow in hangzhou mountainous area today and tomorrow. The temperature in the mountainous area is low in the early stage, and the snow and freezing are serious. It is necessary to prevent the adverse impact of the snow overlay on the transportation, energy supply, agriculture and residents’ life in the mountainous area.Most of southern China will see widespread rain and snow, so we need to pay attention to the adverse impact of rain, snow and ice on roads and low visibility on the Spring Festival transportation and epidemic prevention and control.As the temperature is low recently, please pay special attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic and keep warm in outdoor work. Residents need to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when burning charcoal and wood for heating.

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