I am busy with the taste of “nian” during the Spring Festival, we know best

Today is New Year’s Eve, it is a time to get together with family and share happiness. There are such a group of people in Bowang. Their New Year’s Eve is a time for soldiers to stick to their armour.The Spring Festival is reunion and company, but for the police, more is to adhere to and guard.Walking into the Bowang town police station, everything was as usual.Inside the reception desk, the police officer on duty is taking notes carefully while answering the phone.Household hall, the police to come to the masses to handle the business, to solve the problems of the masses.On the road, the police patrol all hours of the square, pedestrian streets, supermarkets and other crowded areas to ensure a stable public order, people safe New Year.During the Spring Festival, we will strengthen the allocation of police forces and prepare for duty to ensure peace and stability in the area so that the people can have a peaceful and stable Spring Festival.02 Bo hope traffic police guard the family reunion day, when the family gets together.But for bowang traffic police, their Spring Festival is on the road, they take the road as home, become the first barrier for people to travel safely.In the Section of Putuo Mountain, traffic police Officer Gao Lei and his colleagues are on duty, directing the traffic, conducting safety checks on vehicles, and setting up service points for the Spring Festival transport, preparing hot water and medicine to provide services for drivers, ensuring smooth roads and safe travel during the Spring Festival.Bo hope traffic police brigade bo hope squadron police Mr Good we are here to remind the masses, the Spring Festival travel, improve safety consciousness, don’t sit one overloaded vehicles, always pay attention to traffic safety 03 firefighters responsibility is the Spring Festival, but the full time fire brigade danyang town of firefighters but not lax, still grasping training on time every day, equipment inspection, vehicle maintenance and repair,Always in combat mode.Li Qixing, a member of the fire brigade, has been working at his post every Spring Festival since he joined the full-time fire brigade in Danyang town in July 2017, although he is a bowang person.For him, responsibility is more important than family reunion, and the Spring Festival has not become an excuse to slack off at work, but a heavy responsibility.Li Qixing, member of the Full-time Fire Brigade of Danyang Town, this is the fourth year THAT I have come to work in the unit. Although I can’t go home for the New Year, I still feel very warm and warm with my comrain-in-arms and colleagues here.The Spring Festival is separated from the police and firefighters by a distance of guard and reunion at one end of the road and adherence at the other end and they are always on the road to salute you!

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