“Princess of Medicine Xiangjun” Gao Leng wang keeps his body like jade for 20 years, just in order to marry the useless princess into the house

Hello everyone, I am Wofan. Recently, many book fans have been asking what novels are worth recommending to read due to the serious shortage of books. Wofan, as a bookworm, also feels the same way!Now every day for everyone to choose high quality and high popularity of the classic novel, no pro test, absolutely classic not vulgar, let you have a good time!Look good, remember to collect, no longer afraid of book shortage!Today, I recommend to you: “Princess of medicine Sweet county” Gao Leng Wang Ye shou shou ru yu 20 years, is to marry the waste firewood princess into the house first: “Diaofei in power: Wang Ye, don’t come hard” author: small sweet meow introduction: she bites the ear, “husband, or?”His voice was hoarse, his eyes blazing. “Are you flirting with the King?”She smiled, “nonsense, clearly is to help you.”The next, she had her lips plugged.”Tonight, Pussycat…”How to get into the pit: She interrupts these strange thoughts and forces herself to look at her surroundings.I was in such a crisis that I had no time to think of anything else.As expected ink stains the dust to think of the monster that fights with oneself, still have now outside worry oneself of west door smile smile, public lose enemy, ning Chenfeng three people instantly cool rise.Yeah, they can’t worry about it.Even if Ink dye Chen doesn’t know how they are looking for her now, trying to save her.Baili Yu fei silent half ring, he did not know that within a short time, ink dyed dust heart then happened so many psychological activities.If it is the girl’s mind you do not go to guess, guess to guess may not understand.Once the ink dye dust made up his mind, he must begin to act.Just thought of getting out of here. Now.The ink stained dust then took out a small silver mirror from the backpack he carried.A hundred yu fei looked at the ink dye dust from the front of the shirt out of things some surprised, he saw others will things are back in the package, but that fight will inevitably things left, also not convenient.And the ink dye dust obviously from the wild forest into this moment has been engaged several times, before the beast under the fight is also very fierce.You can’t pull something like that out of your body.(click below read for free) the 2nd: “Princess of medicine sweet county” author: Cold xiao Introduce: authoritative doctor passes through became female of lineal family lineal descent to encounter domineering uncle however, sinister 2 younger sister oppress!Dress up as a pig to eat a tiger, domineering gas side leak, oppress her people, the final power of life and death are in her hands!The evil spirit man of weak faint in front of her, turn round however cold affection world, cruel and merciless!Slinky, just for her…Directions into the pit: It takes only half an hour to reach the nunnery from the palace to the nunnery, stopping at the entrance of which there is a nunnery gate. Although it is still a large mountain with hundreds of steps, it already belongs to the palace of the Marquis of Faithful Jing.Out of the car, Tang Yu Frost led the latent brother’s hand up the mountain, the servant girl followed behind, the old woman moved things, latent brother’s two boys with further.People have come down to the convent to greet them.The host of a nunnery came out to meet tang Yushuang and her brother, and led them to live in the wing, on the way with Tang Yushuang reported the situation of the nunnery.When he reached the side room, the abbot retired.Tang Yu Shuang breathed a sigh of relief, called the servant girl to put out her things and the latent brother, the latent brother slept in the inner room of the wing at night, she slept in the outer room.”Mother Zhou, the ladies you brought with you should guard outside the door when they are tired.In case you don’t know who has come in.”Tang Yu Shuang to zhou everybody’s way.Zhou said with a smile, “Yo, look what the big lady said!Here is the home of our house, who can casually come in?”Tang Yu-shuang knew that this guy was the second wife’s person, then guessed that the second wife hit the idea, this week we know, maybe also in the middle of what help it.Don’t call this old guy off the skin, Tang Yu Shuang waste said the big miss!(click below free reading) the third: “day doctor phoenix nine” author: Phoenix Jiong introduction: she, modern hidden door main, set the director of the abnormal ghost, fine medicine poison, good at assassination, the abnormal monster in the eyes of the world, an accident died, but reborn in a disfigurement of the girl.What?Lost faces, replaced identities?A return to the family?Identity can be dispense with, family can be dispense with…Into the pit guide: think of just cloud seven leave, he thought, he should look for an opportunity, good talk to her.That night, phoenix nine came to Yue son’s room, looking at her lying there slouched, then asked with a smile: “What’s wrong?Didn’t mama’s word Dan help?””Mother.”Yue er called and said, “I told my master that HE was tired and needed a rest. He asked me to leave.”Smell speech, phoenix nine leng once, then chuckling aloud: “return true not kui is green emperor, did not think of even the truth Dan’s medicine can press down.”Come to the table and sit down, looking at Yue er, she smiled and said, “You don’t have to be disappointed. Trust your mother’s eyes. The Green Emperor has you in his heart.””Really?”Yue er couldn’t help looking at her.”Really.”She pinched her nose and laughed. “When did your mother ever cheat you?Come, I tell you about your qianhua aunt and Jun Jue shang two people’s story.”So, this night, two people in the room to talk, is a night…The next day, Yue ‘er went out, feeling refreshed and energetic again.She decided, anyway, no matter how, the master side only her one person, also can have her this one, she does not believe, long years, the master can always not tempted!(Click below to read for free) Today’s temporary recommendation here, the recommendation is I have seen the absolute high quality oh!To see other types of book list recommendations, remember to click on the top right corner of the following!Also welcome to leave a comment like!You are the motivation of xiaobian, xiaobian will work harder and harder!Looking forward to your message.Pen core ~ Past good articles to share: Squeaks, Qianshan Tea guest and Neon, three high-quality ancient Chinese writers, whose best works move you more?She was reborn 70 years ago, and became a pregnant military wife. Starry Night, waiting for you to return, he refused to force her to sign her pregnancy, “She is pregnant, you take away the child.”War god in the army to the military area compound to rob his wife, father-in-law in the future directly not to see “husband adult is not allowed to move” wedding night, bump into him and first love tryst, she decisively take a space to disappear

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