Before the Internet is caught!Wei Hui traffic police investigation drunk driving accident caught a fugitive

The traffic police check drunk driving, like open blind box, open out more is “drive not drink” peace walker, there is no lack of laughing and crying, dangerous scenes.Recently, Wei Hui traffic police unexpectedly unexpected harvest.At 14:00 on February 12, 2022, the police of The Traffic Police Brigade Zhai Yang Squadron investigated drunk driving at the gate of the Second Senior High School, and found the co-driver of a van not wearing a seat belt, indicating him to pull over for inspection.The person was identified as a fugitive who had been online for less than 15 days.After investigation, the suspect Xu was chased online by luoyang police for fraud on September 14, 2021, Xu confessed to the fact that he was on the run.On the same day, the suspect Xu accompanied his family to the first affiliated hospital of Xinxiang Medical College to see a doctor, but did not expect to be on duty because the car did not wear a seat belt was detected by the police, lucky psychological moment was disintegrated.At present, the suspect Xu has been handed over to luoyang police.

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