Daily traffic information

Shazhou highway brigade area of liuge expressway (G3011) 138KM+300M~197KM, Liudunexpressway (S31) 117KM+600~83KM+400, the weather is sunny, the road condition is good traffic normal.· Shazhou High Speed traffic police Shazhou Highway Brigade area liuge high Speed (G3011) 138KM+300M~197KM, Liudunhigh speed (S31) 117KM+600~83KM+400, the weather is sunny, the road condition is good traffic normal.1, adhere to the three inspection system before the car, in the driving, after the car, to ensure the safety of driving every day.2, the vehicle should be checked before getting on the car before starting, after getting on the car to further observe, confirm safety before starting;If there are too many vehicles in the rear when starting, you should walk slowly in the original direction and then gradually enter the lane.3. When the road conditions cannot ensure sufficient horizontal safe spacing, the vehicle speed should be reduced.4. When the vehicle driving back to the original lane, it should see clearly the situation of other vehicles on the road, open the turn signal, and drive back to the original lane after confirming safety.5, before the car should choose a reasonable driving position, when the predicted car position is not ideal, to immediately slow down or stop, do not hesitate, not to rush and force.6, the vehicle through the bad line of sight of the curve, should slow down, honk, drive on the right;To get through sharp turns, you must slow down and drive slowly along the outside of a curve in grade four roads.7. The vehicle should run counterclockwise when entering the roundabout;When passing a three-dimensional intersection, you should drive according to the indication signs in front of the intersection.8. When the vehicle is moving at a high speed and the rear car is very close to the car, turn right to let the rear car go ahead.9, the vehicle u-turn, should choose a wider road, small traffic flow place;Do not turn around or reverse on dangerous roads.10. When temporarily stopping on the general downhill road, the engine should be flameout, the parking brake handle should be tightened, and the gear lever should be hung into reverse gear.

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