Changshun County: “leaseback and leasing” to explore a new way of rural revitalization

Sizhai Village, Guangshun Town, Changshun County, is located in the northeast of Guangshun Town, 3 kilometers away from the government of Guangshun Town, with an administrative area of 20.5 square kilometers.The village has a rural population of 4035 people in 889 households and a cultivated area of 6500 mu (3500 mu of farmland and 3000 mu of soil).Four walled village in recent years, in various departments at all levels, under the strong support and guidance of service through a strong organization, strong, strong leading the “big three” measures, key to return to rent land land circulation mode, implementation of “company + cooperative + farmer” organization, resolve land fragmentation, extensive industry, farmers, spontaneous, explore the new thinking for rural revitalization.One, strong organization, concentrated circulation seeks development one is to build strong party organization, give play to basics-level party organization bastion function.One is to choose a bellwether.According to the “five good” standard of grassroots cadres, the cadres of the village and branch committees will be enriched, the village cadres will be eliminated with insufficient capacity, and the young people who have the ability, knowledge of management, skills and want to work will be enriched to the village and branch committees, so as to constantly seek for a meeting point, achieve the same goal and promote the development in an all-round way.Second, party members will play an exemplary and leading role.Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, take the lead in setting an example, dispel the doubts in the minds of farmers who return to rent and reverse contracts.The third is to give full play to the role of the village team, communicate and explain the “nail households” and “difficult households” from door to door. The members of the two committees of the village team and the deputy leader of the village team will personally lead the team to the households to publicize, explain policies and calculate the cost account, so as to realize the support of the farmers whose land is transferred.Up to now, Sizhai village has transferred 1326.16 mu of land to 416 households.Second, establish cooperative organizations and revitalize collective assets.One is quantitative equity.According to the requirements of the reform of rural collective property rights system, Sizhai Village quickly found out the bottom number, established the village-level share economic cooperative, and quantified the rural “three capital” share reduction to households, forming a new situation of everyone participating in the shares.Second, set up the core team.The cooperative group with the members of the two village committees as the main team absorbs the skilled, resourceful and marketable rural talents in the village, forms the talent exchange mode of cross-serving in the village community, and fully promotes the development of agriculture and rural areas.Third, the general and specialized agencies should grasp the general and specialized agencies.Clarify the village-level economic cooperatives and farmers’ professional cooperative relationship, forming ZhongYangShi farmers’ professional co-operatives, labor unions, responsible for project implementation, planting and aquiculture landing management specific work, village-level joint-stock cooperative economy is responsible for the project establishment, capital operation, and urged guidance work, let the professional people do professional thing, make sure industry running normally.Focusing on the vegetable industry, county and township governments have raised more than 38 million yuan from their own funds.It is divided into two phases: 9,390 meters of cultivable road, 3,890 meters of cultivable road, 4,460 meters of river dredging, 410 meters of river embankment, 2,000 meters of field drainage channel, 2 pumping stations, 3 ponds, and 2,000 square meters of storage center and transfer station.Three, strong bibcock, release bonus rich common people is to want steady bibcock enterprise.To develop the industry, leading enterprises are very important.In order to ensure the orderly vegetables industry development, county people’s government and guiyang NongTou group signed a framework agreement, the wide along the town construction of guiyang, insurance for vegetable base of 20000 mu, changshun unified land circulation of the people’s government of the delivery of guiyang NongTou group for vegetable planting, transfer fees in accordance with the “no 2 for 2” in a way that subsidies, subsidies for the greenhouse facilities agriculture.Second, we will increase rural household incomes through multiple channels.First, land circulation income.Sizhai Village joint-stock economic Cooperative gives farmers a subsidy of 800 yuan per mu for all the land transferred, realizing “zero cost” of land leaseback and subcontracting.Second, share dividends.The CPPCC of Guiyang city and Qiannan Prefecture invested a total of 600,000 yuan to help 120 families relocate from other places. The funds of the relocated poor families and the matching funds of the local government will be used as shares in the project, and the annual dividend will be 5,000 yuan per household.Third, income from work.On the one hand, Guiyang Agricultural Investment Changshun Branch preferentially recruited local farmers of Sizhai Village to work in the base, with more than 1,000 migrant workers per year.On the other hand, village-level labor cooperatives have organized rural households for migrant work. Since 2021, 1,975 rural households have been organized and guided for migrant work, accounting for 81.28% of the labor force.

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