Pick a bone in a quarrel

“You don’t need to know.”Tool people don’t need to know much, do they?Promise to feel sad, Shen Qi too late dog!She needs time to calm the opposite sex no human dog man to bring her trauma, promise to pretend to be sad, but see Shen Qi chi ignore her, holding the box to get off to the base gate of the security booth.Security guard Sun Shu knew him, all the way out of enthusiasm called him: “Dr. Shen, how did you come?”Shen Qichi put the box on the table and answered with a smile, “I’m looking for Song Yi.””Comrade Song Yi?She hasn’t come back yet, you put it here and I’ll give it to her then.”Sun Shu looked at it curiously and casually asked, “What is it?It’s too heavy.””So late?Where has she gone?””To shoot advertising na, our flying team comrade Song Yi and Comrade Chen Yun can help us flying team long face!They’ve been asked to do commercials.””Where?”Sun Shu flinch to scratch a head, simple and honest smile: “this I don’t know, big guy say they two to shoot advertisement, specific I don’t know.”Shen Qi chi silence for a moment, just open: “good, that trouble you to help me turn over to her, thank you.””Don’t be so polite, lift a finger just, later I give her line.”After thanking him, Shen qichi turned and left. In front of the car, he suddenly stopped and took out his cell phone to make a call to Ma Jiaguo.”I promised to take you to dinner. Do you have time now?Let’s have a late supper.”Ma Jia Guo was lifting iron, sweating all over, but Song Yi and her wife were not there. They were alone, so they refused.”This evening Song Yi and Chen Yun they have not come back, just the two of us eat boring, next time, people more lively is fun, eat also delicious.””Why haven’t they come back yet?Is it a mission?””No, it is Jiang Shuhuai, the one you saw last time in Yanling City, he looked for them to shoot advertisements for his company’s products, these days can be busy with this matter.””Nothing, then wait for them to finish filming to make an appointment.”Shen Qi chi pretended to be casual casually asked: “where are they shooting?””The shooting location is in the mouth of the deer, which is the most famous scenic area in the north of the city. It is beautiful and I think it will be nice to shoot.”Shen Qi chi got the answer and did not continue to talk, but said that he would make an appointment next time when he was free. He turned around and opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.Then see promise broken jar broken has sat on the co-pilot, is high face to see him.”I want to ride shotgun.”She resounding sound of the first voice seize a person: “you chase after a girl like this is no good!It’s old-fashioned, it’s stupid, it’s not for girls these days.”Shen qi chi put his long fingers back on the steering wheel and glanced at her, but did not answer.Fortunately, he seemed at last to realize the folly of what he had done and let it pass without saying anything more about her changing seats.A long time later, the promise in his home to see song Yi used to pad the table corner of the book chasing female law and coax his girlfriend happy 100 tips, suddenly understand what.Love makes one wise.Shen Qi chi will promise to the door of the hotel ready to go, promise to press the door proposal: “go to dinner tomorrow, after all, I just came back, you have to catch the wind for me.””No time.”Shen qi chi refused simply.”What can you do?”Not even one meal a day at the hospital or at home?”You don’t need to know.”Promise: “……”That’s the second time tonight.She is a tool maker….The last shot of the AD was a frolicking scene on the beach the next day.This is both simple and difficult to say.After all, they are not professionals who eat this bowl of rice. There are a lot of people staring at you, watching you smile, and the ubiquitous cameras make people restrained. Once restrained, it is easy to fake their expressions.Fortunately, I joked with the staff before playing, so I was not so nervous.With a loud “Action”, the shooting began, this relatively simple, although under the sun shooting, but at least do not have to soak in the water, the customary NG several times after also finished shooting.This meant that all the pieces needed for the AD had been shot, and song was relieved that they did not have to shoot any more.But instead, Xiao xiao suddenly called her: “Team Song, the director asked you to fill some underwater scenes, the material is just a little bit.”Before Song Yi could say anything, Chen Yun burst into flames: “What is it?Also?Wasn’t that enough yesterday?”Xiao Xiao is also embarrassed, touch his head: “post editing can not use much material, so the director wants to fill a few scenes.””Song Yi, don’t shoot.”Chen Yun pulled her: “that woman certainly wants to borrow an opportunity to make difficulties for you.”Unabashed hissing spread to ear, Chanel high-profile appearance: “ability problems clap a few times become difficult?The people in your country are really difficult to serve. Shouldn’t you work hard to do good things with your money?”Her vision leisurely: “besides I do what create difficulties for her?”Chen Yun bluntly: “Why make it difficult for you!””I don’t know, but it seems you do.”Chen Yun was she a choked, suddenly do not know how to say, if according to what she thought, Shen Qi chi clearly have a fiancee to pretend to be single, and Song Yi fall in love, Chanel and Song Yi two people are victims.Suffer is, Even if Chanel difficult Song Yi also in the sense, and Song Yi eat stuffy deficit, bitter can not say.Song Yi took hold of Chen Yun and shook her head.”I’ll do it and you’ll be satisfied.”No way, in the face of Chanel she has a few minutes of guilt, even if the things in those days she can be counted as a victim, but to Chanel really caused harm.Even if it is unintentional harm, she always can not be so tough.Such a scene, Chanel’s difficulties are just a little hard for her, just soak in the water, Song Yi feel they can do, and do not want to conflict with her, it is training.”Then I wish Miss Song a happy life.””I try.”So Song Yi soaked in the water for nearly two hours, diving and rising again and again, trying to control her expression and meet her standards.Coming out of the water again, Song Yi managed to manage her expression with a smile.”Cut!That’s too fake. Try again!”Song Yi held her breath and sank again.”Cut!It’s not the right Angle, come again!”…Such as Bibi, so many times that other staff members thought it was too much, but Chanel found it very pleasing.No one who steals her man ends well!Makeup artist small wind some can not look down and other people broken words: “this summer director is too much, it is deliberately aimed at, pick bones.”

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