Unemployment benefits can only be dismissed to apply for?Below these a few kinds of circumstances, leave active also can receive!

Can’t take the initiative to leave the job get unemployment insurance gold?Big mistake, below some circumstances, even if resign actively, also can get unemployed insurance gold.What we get to unemployed insurance is limited to be in commonly “passive leave one’s post”, for instance the company goes bankrupt, manage bad, business adjusts and dismiss employee, dismiss, the worker of these passive unemployment just gets unemployed insurance gold likely.But actually this one understanding is absolutely one-sided, from the Angle that is based on “social insurance law” will tell, to the “active resignation” below special circumstance, also accord with the condition that get unemployed insurance gold:Unemployed insurance gold is a kind of temporary safeguard that unemployed insurance fund gives unemployed personnel, extend standard under minimum wage standard commonly, but prep above dweller minimum life ensures standard, although the standard is not tall, but the temporary life guarantee during as unemployed is sufficient completely.In the meantime, the other big advantage that gets unemployed insurance gold is unemployed personnel is during unemployed, below the premise that does not pay medical treatment insurance charge, still can enjoy medical treatment insurance, the insurance charge that place needs pay is from the list in unemployed insurance fund.That is to say, while getting life safeguard, still can continue to enjoy treatment of medical treatment insurance, safeguard is more sufficient, attraction is enough big.So “take the initiative to leave” whether apply for unemployment insurance?Some may say emphatically: No!Is that really true?From “social insurance law” Angle will tell, but always get get unemployed insurance gold, all need to satisfy 3 basic conditions at the same time, namely unemployed insurance accumulative total expends expends fixed number of year to be full 1 year, be not because of oneself intention interrupt obtain employment, had undertaken unemployed to register and have request for a job.From the three basic conditions, to meet the “unemployment insurance cumulative payment of more than one year, and to the social security department for unemployment registration”, if it is fired, dismissed, then through the application for audit is no problem.On the other hand, since it is active resignation, so certainly does not accord with the condition of “not because of my will to interrupt employment”, also cannot apply for unemployment insurance compensation, but is the reality really so?It’s not. The Social Security Act only says “involuntary discontinuance of employment,” and in some cases, it looks like voluntary resignation, but it’s also involuntary termination, so for example,Some unit of choose and employ persons not in accordance with the provisions, for worker pay social security, some unreasonable seizure of unit of choose and employ persons worker identity papers or qualifications certificates, some of the unit of choose and employ persons to pay pay some under minimum wage standard, and unit of choose and employ persons put employees in high-risk jobs do not provide the corresponding work safeguard, withhold some unit of choose and employ persons or delayed payment of labor remuneration, some unit of choose and employ persons did not in accordance with the labor contractPay the corresponding labor remuneration, some unit of choose and employ persons, in the form of intimidation or threat of force laborer to take the initiative to leave, and so on, these are serious violation of the “labor law”, the worker in order to protect the interests of their own to departure, not do not belong to “fire, fire, optimization”, but also essentially belongs to the “not with” I intend to interrupt employment situation,Below this kind of circumstance, want to take out corresponding evidence only, also can get get unemployed insurance gold.To unit of choose and employ persons more than obvious violation of the “labor law” or the labor contract, employee turnover can take after stop or remove labor contract certificate and the corresponding credentials to explain get unemployed insurance gold, but will be carried out in the corresponding social security department, this time will need to show you to prove “not with” I intend to interrupt employment proof material,For instance unit of choose and employ persons the social security that should pay did not give you pay however, indefinite delay, arrears, but again do not take the initiative to dismiss you, at this moment need to take out your ginseng protect record, prove oneself is because unit of choose and employ persons violates “labor law” prior and oneself helpless under just “take the initiative to leave office”.Want to take out corresponding proof material only, can get through unemployed insurance gold examine and verify.Of course, the above is a special case. If the reason of “active resignation” is not in line with their own career planning, do not meet the current salary, be employed by a new unit, think that the work pressure is high, the journey to work is long, want to change industry or start a business, family needs to take care of and other subjective reasons and put forward the resignation.So do not belong to “be not because of oneself intention interrupt obtain employment” circumstance, also cannot get unemployed insurance gold.What has been discussed above, some worker is in after the “leaving voluntarily” still can receive unemployment insurance compensation, the “leaving voluntarily” is not “I will”, but unit of choose and employ persons is in violation of the “labor law” or the labor contract, workers have to leave, it is also belong to the category of “I intend to interrupt the employment”, as long as you can provide the relevant proof materials,Successfully applying for unemployment insurance is no problem., of course, on the other hand, although the special circumstances of “leaving voluntarily” can receive unemployment insurance compensation, but don’t “collusion” with unit of choose and employ persons, such as it is his leaving voluntarily subjective reasons, but in order to satisfy the conditions for receiving and let “fire certificate” issued by unit of choose and employ persons, this kind of behavior is the behavior of diddle social insurance funds, once found,Light order to return the unemployed insurance gold that already received, heavy criterion to cheat insurance behavior to punish, assume corresponding legal responsibility.What do you think about that?Welcome message exchange;The code word is not easy, give a like, click a follow.

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