Tianya District of Sanya city will continue to carry out the pilot work of digital teaching materials to promote the balanced development of regional education

Sanya ultima area will continue to carry out digital textbooks pilot work Promoting regional balanced development of the education quality | sources: 02, 2022 18 brake in small size PRC sanya on Feb. 18 (xinhua NiuLiangYu) “digital teaching materials can make paper textbooks’ live ‘.”Recently, Tianya District of Sanya city has carried out the pilot work of the application of digital teaching materials to promote the balanced development of tianya district’s education quality.As a supporting platform, the cloud platform of CCEEC digital course materials has assigned professional lecturers and operation teams to conduct training on the application of digital course materials to four pilot schools.It is understood that digital teaching materials are three-dimensional teaching materials based on national curriculum standards, based on traditional paper teaching materials, using the Internet, digital media, big data and other technical means, and integrating teaching materials, digital resources, disciplinary tools and applied data.”What impressed me most was the history class.The disciplinary tools in the platform can enlarge the illustrations in the textbook to make the details clearer.The static maps and war maps in the paper teaching materials come alive in the cloud platform of the digital teaching materials, and we can clearly see the advance and retreat of both sides.”Sanya ultima district education da-yong ding, director of the center for research and training in the presentation and materials involved in multiple application after the training, impressed tool in the platform discipline, Chinese classes, English classes can through the platform standard reading, physics, chemistry, can be dangerous experiments done in cyberspace, using the platform between teachers and students of high quality digital teaching resources and tools,Can realize the improvement of classroom teaching effect.Currently, tianya zone pilot work to promote digital teaching material application, sanya clever union school, tianya primary school, a phoenix elementary school and elementary school door statistics such as the backbone of the four primary and middle school teachers in the teaching material innovation, innovation of digital resources and the application and wisdom teaching for teaching training, combining digital textbooks applied concept and platform field,Help teachers prepare lectures by using rich digital teaching materials and digital resources in the platform.(Edited by: Pan Huiwen, Xi Xiuqin)

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