Jiujiang Video: Today in history, January 28th, emperor of fools

On January 28, 419, Sima Dezong, emperor of Jin ‘an, was killed in his palace.On December 17 (January 28, 419), Sima Dezong, emperor an of the Jin Dynasty, was hanged in his palace at the age of 37.Sima Dezong was the tenth emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Due to his ignorance and inability to control state affairs, sima dezong was unable to control state affairs. During his 22 years in power, the power of the court fell to his subordinates.Liu Yu planned to usurp the throne. Believing that there were two other emperors in the Jin Dynasty, he strangled Emperor An and installed his younger brother to power. Then he usurped the throne and established the Southern Song Dynasty.Since then, the two Jin dynasty collapsed, the history entered the southern and Northern Dynasties.Sima Dezong, emperor of Jin ‘an, was the stupidest emperor in Chinese history.There are many stupid emperors recorded in history books. Some of them are embellished by later generations. Some of them pretend to be crazy.But Emperor Jin an was not ordinary. He was a pure weak-minded man. He ascended the throne at the age of 14 and died at 37.He may not know what an emperor is until he is killed.In the Jin Dynasty, there were two strange and foolish emperors. One was Emperor Jinhui who “didn’t eat mince meat”, and the other was Emperor ‘an who “didn’t know the temperature and temperature”.Jin Hui emperor is only stupid, at least can speak human language.Jin an di could not speak any words, “do not know the temperature” is dry can run to the snow naked thing, is the kind of flow of saliva life can not take care of the fool.The Jin dynasty was full of such things, and it is no wonder that its zuo did not last long.Jin volume ten emperors tenth few people familiar with the history of the two Jin, including the author.Therefore, this article does not intend to introduce that messy history, just talk about the relationship between Jin an emperor and Jiujiang.The relationship between Jin an Emperor and Jiujiang is not very big, but the history of internal turmoil in jin Dynasty is always related to Jiujiang.During the reign of Emperor An of Jin, Huan Xuan, the governor of Jiangzhou, usurped the throne and established the regime of Huan Chu. He deposed Emperor An as king of Pinggu and sent the foolish boy to Xunyang for house arrest.Andi’s mother was a native of Xunyang.Please note: Jiangzhou, Xunyang.Two months later, another minister, Liu Yu, raised an army at Nanjing and defeated Huan Xuan.Huan Xuan first fled to Xunyang and then took Emperor An to Jingzhou.In the battle at the mouth of Poyang Lake, Liu Yu defeated huan Xuan’s main forces. Huan Xuan was killed and Emperor An was restored.More than ten years later, Liu Yu sent his men to strangle the stupid emperor who could not speak. A year later, he proclaimed himself emperor, opening a new page in Chinese history.The statue of Liu Yu, Emperor Wu of the Song Dynasty, won’t get much attention either.The preceding paragraph reminds readers of two place names: Xunyang and Jiangzhou.In the modern point of view, Xunyang is Xunyang, jiangzhou, jiujiang.However, the range between place names and the actual geographical range they correspond to has often varied beyond imagination.Xunyang, many people think it is the former name of Xunyang.In fact, the ancient Xunyang is in the north of the river, and then gradually transferred to the South of the River. In the process of transformation, its jurisdiction is also changing.During the time when Jin Andi was under house arrest, Xunyang County was ruled in the west of Huangmei County, near the city of Wusheng. Jin Andi’s mother was probably born in Qichun, which is now part of Huanggang, Hubei Province, and has nothing to do with jiujiang city today.Jiangzhou is also an administrative name with gradually shrinking administrative areas. In the Jin Dynasty, its jurisdiction reached its maximum (see the picture below), and it was not until the Sui Dynasty that it approached the current jiujiang area.If jingzhou (today’s Hunan, Hubei, eastern Guizhou), Jiangzhou (today’s Jiangxi, Fujian, eastern Hubei, southeastern Hunan) and Yangzhou (today’s Jiangsu, Zhejiang) were under their command, they could control the world situation.Eastern Jin Political District Map source: Chinese historical map Jiangzhou under xunyang county is now jiujiang City, look at its location can understand, the internal turmoil of the Eastern Jin Always and this guarding jingzhou, Jiangzhou, Yangzhou central position of the important town on the Yangtze River can not get rid of the involvement.The history of Xunyang County, there are more, please look forward to.”Jiujiang image: history today is the record of the history of jiangxi jiujiang series, each retrieval jiujiang and governs the ten counties of influential in the history of events, with the related historical photos, news pictures and literature books and the author of the image data, and the reason for the event and the impact of the appropriate comments.Each chapter in this series selects an event that happened on the day with clear historical records. If there is no appropriate event on that day, select it in the current month (if there is a month but no date in historical records).Because the author’s level is limited, the data is incomplete, there will be fallacy and improper selection, please criticize and correct.

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