The status of Yin Tao, underrated!

HMMMM collapse of the state of entertainment Yin Tao, underrated!Recently, Yin Tao’s surfing coach issued a statement, seeing is believing, he excitedly said: the real girl, clever and playful, than the TV also good-looking.He sent nine photos, eight of the figure of Yin Tao, fair skin delicate, young manner.Compared to Huang Xiaolei wrapped up, Yin Tao is generous to compare the arms and waist are exposed to the big sun.The lines of her arms and shoulders, as well as her flat stomach, make her look about 25 years old, giving no hint that Yin Tao herself is 42, two years older than Huang.Looking at Yin Tao’s roles, most of them are close to their own age, or even more mature roles, Yin Tao’s girlish sense has been underestimated.In many female plays from young girls to middle-aged and old, Yin Tao is rarely seen. On the contrary, Liu Tao, Dong Jie and Ruby Lin are more. In fact, there is a certain gap between their sense of girlness and Yin Tao.In order to the state of Yin Tao, it is possible to try the next big female play, not only the appearance of proper maintenance, the eyes have not experienced the vicissitudes of time, but also with the girl’s silly.

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