Biden is determined to be bad, but Tsai ing-wen is sending goodwill signals?The situation across the Taiwan Straits is still volatile

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are well underway, and athletes from all over the world are actively competing in the Olympic spirit.But Greenfield, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, made a lot of malicious misstatements during the Winter Olympics.Greenfield made irresponsible remarks about the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Taiwan Straits issue and Xinjiang related issues. These remarks are undoubtedly “attacking” China and trying to affect the friendly atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, his actions will also lead to a bad development of sino-US relations.The Issue of the Taiwan Straits has always been An internal affair of China. No country, especially us politicians, are qualified to point fingers or maliciously smear the issue.On February 7, the U.S. Department of Defense sold $100 million worth of military equipment and services to Taiwan in an attempt to help Taiwan maintain and improve patriot missile systems. This is the second sale to Taiwan.The US, which has benefited a lot from the Taiwan authorities, should also realize the need to stop there, because the mainland’s patience is limited and it will not allow “Taiwan independence elements” to go their own way, nor will it always tolerate interference in other countries’ internal affairs.Some Taiwan media reported that the US “friendly Taiwan Act” towards the Taiwan authorities is just a “goodwill” to the DPP, because the act’s function of “propaganda” to the DPP is far greater than the interests of the people who are derelict in their duties. In other words, it does not take the Taiwan people into consideration.The so-called “Friendly Taiwan Act” is nothing but a “magic potion” instilled by the US into “Taiwan independence elements”.And they are very happy to get this “magic potion”, after all, for the “Taiwan independence activists”, it is also a disguised support from the Big brother of the United States.So now the DPP is trumpeting this as a “high point” in us-Taiwan relations.But in fact, the year 2022 is the most tense year in cross-strait relations, and even Japan has prepared for the evacuation of Chinese nationals at any time.In fact, Taiwan authorities want to rely on the United States and Japan to achieve “independence”, this road is not going anywhere.It is said that “all roads lead to Rome”, but the wrong road leads to the wrong result.The Chinese mainland will never tolerate any violation of sovereignty or destruction of territory.Therefore, the Taiwan authorities should timely realize that the current path is an “unworkable” road, timely stop losses is the right choice.However, it was recently reported that Tsai Ing-wen has made some changes on the issue of cross-Straits relations. She not only said that she would never choose a radical way to deal with the cross-Straits relations, but also called for the settlement of the differences between the two sides through peace talks. She even invited mainland officials to Taiwan for talks.In fact, this is just a stalling tactic by Ms Tsai.It was because Tsai saw PLA military aircraft regularly patrolling near the Taiwan Strait, that is to say, the PLA’s deterrence force made Tsai nervous, so she pretended to be weak to get more time to “arm” herself.She also pointed out that the PLA’s regular patrols are not conducive to the stability of the situation across the Taiwan Strait.It can be seen that Tsai Ing-wen is still trying to present herself as a “victim” and “weak” image to win sympathy from the international community, trying to magnify the Taiwan Straits issue, attract the attention of international organizations and internationalize the issue.Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, was also invited to Taiwan for talks.But in fact, all this is nothing but a “smoke screen” released by the DPP, which appears to show that it has “lost its way” and actively seeks to ease relations with the mainland, but in fact still loudly and stubbornly insists on “Taiwan independence”.This is just the posturing side of Tsai Ing-wen.

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