Yibin City Nanxi District Peishi Town Liubin primary school to carry out safety checks and rectification work before the opening

Starts to all the teachers and students have a safe environment in which to learn, at 10:00 am on February 15, 2022, in yibin rival south district PeiShi town stay guest primary party branch secretary and the principal QinJian organization, in charge of the vice President of WenChaoYan leads the head of security, in charge of the vice principal Chen Zhongping lead logistics office director to participate the hidden perils in safety work.The investigation is mainly for the nanxi District Peishi Town Liubin primary school under construction, walls, canteen, fire facilities, water and electrical pipelines, function room of dangerous chemicals and surrounding safety facilities to carry out a large investigation, check whether the campus internal security work is in place;Whether the fire passageway is unblocked and the facilities are complete;Canteen safety and health conditions meet the requirements.The school specially strengthens the school gate, the fence investigation, the school each place carefully investigated again, can solve the problem immediately, can not solve, immediately reported.Rival south district PeiShi town stay guest primary school in line with “safe no small matter, always a wake-up call” the responsibility consciousness, hold responsible for the students, responsible to the parents, socially responsible attitude, actively adopt a series of security measures, consistently pays special attention to the school security work, ensure the safety of the masses of teachers and students, put an end to all kinds of safety accidents.The security risk investigation thoroughly, and the implementation of a regular patrol.(Gong Min and Chen Junqing)

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