Upi: NASA signed on to build a spacecraft to send samples back to Earth from Mars

NASA has begun construction on a small $194 million rocket that will launch from Mars, the first known rocket to be launched from another planet.The so-called Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) is designed to fly to Mars, pick up Martian rock samples from rovers and blast them back into space, UPI reported.It’s part of a plan to send the first rocks from the Red Planet back to earth LABS to search for possible ancient life.The Rover Has been drilling for those samples since it landed in the Jezero Crater region on February 18 after launching from Florida in 2020.NASA plans to send a sample return mission in 2026.The mission is a challenge because the rocket has to fly to Mars with another rover, the Sample Acquisition Rover, which will drive to the sample site, pick up the sealed containers and bring them back to the MAV rocket, NASA’s Angela Jackman told UPI in an interview.

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