The new 2022 campus Red Rabbit 4 is here

From tmall up and down the single hand, from the appearance of li Ning red Rabbit 4 May be a little heavy, but the foot is unexpectedly light, rebound is very full, every step of the foot is very stable, after running 4 15K before and after, the foot feeling is still comfortable.The downside, for starters, is that this midsole technique gives you a good cushioning bounce.Li Ning Red rabbit 4 adopts new midsole technology, which is 30% lighter than traditional EVA material and 30% more resilient, which is considered lightweight in the same level of running shoes.In the midsole arch of the foot, hard TPU is added as support to reduce the excess twisting of the foot and help stabilize the landing.★★★ Body embossed offset printing pattern texture, to ensure light weight at the same time, the support of the upper has also been enhanced.Both the vamp and tongue are made of breathable single-layer mesh, which ensures air flow in the shoes and helps them cope with the summer heat more than traditional sandwiches or fly-knitted fabrics.Li Ning red rabbit 4 days after the cat coupon price 279, is very cost-effective the following is the link, need to get as soon as possible!!Tmall links: password copy directly taobao open:9 li ning running shoes men’s red rabbit 4 new generation summer super light damping movement of portable racing leisure breathable student 289 yuan, 279 yuan RMB 10 Fu Zhi6 (lND823qJ4hw) : / / open /

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