In the Name of the People, why does Qi Tongwei, head of the Public security Bureau, covet the vice-governor’s position so much?

“In the Name of The People” this play has been broadcast for many years, but the heat has not been reduced, in addition to the old drama bones superb acting, the portrayal of the characters, is also the most hotly discussed audience, especially Qi Tongwei, although the villain, but his popularity is obviously higher than the male protagonist Hou Liangping many.Qi with wei since the proposed to big oneself Liang Lu several years old, has reached the original politics and law committee secretary qun-feng liang them ever since, under the support of old father-in-law, qi wei in the eastern han with officialdom is soaring, sat on the throne of han eastern provinces of the bureau of public security, speed, his promotion to colleagues envy, but no part-time han dong province deputy governor, has always been his deep regret.Although gao Yuliang, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee, also recommended qi to be promoted to vice governor of the Standing Committee to Secretary Sha, but this issue, apparently by Secretary Kang, out of the episode for Zhao Lichun crying to confuse, so why is Qi hall so coveted vice governor of the throne?First of all, it was power. Qi Tongwei once had a heart-to-heart talk with his teacher gao Yuliang: “Who in official circles doesn’t want to climb the ladder? You want me to climb the ladder.Just as Teacher Gao said, when one person gains enlightenment, the chickens and dogs will rise to heaven.Qi Hall as the actual control of the landscape group, before the anti-corruption started, in fact, has made a pot full of money, the most lack of power, he is an ambitious person, once the root of the red seedling is the son of God has long become a tool for the desire for unlimited power.Don’t look at the qi and wei is the public security bureau of, but not concurrently hold the position of deputy governor, is still the main hall class cadre, only under the jurisdiction of the public security system, limited the scope of their functions and powers, don’t even how east and director of the CPC put him in the eye, if he is the deputy governor, the situation is different, to differ treatment, can also further prospect of the east han the location of the standing committee of the provincial party committee,This can succeed the teacher’s class smoothly, if he is not the vice governor, it is all flowers in the mirror, the moon in the water, even the secretary of the provincial capital such as Kang, he has to yield three points.In addition, if promoted, he can take advantage of his position to seek more illegal benefits for himself and his associates.As a matter of fact, he became the vice governor of the probability is very low, because the old father-in-law, retired and high teacher, also does not have promoted to party secretary, zhao in the influence of the eastern han, exhaustion, all you have to listen to sand secretary, but he does not have the official memorial and discipline style over the years, Tian Guofu must also won’t consider him.

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