Zhang Bin: Spring Festival, is the most common working day

“We have to have police on duty 365 days a day, on duty 24 hours a day, although the work is very hard, but to maintain social order, to ensure the stability of the city is our responsibility.Spring Festival is the most normal working day.”On the second day of the New Year, zhang Bin, a policeman on duty at linxia Road police station of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau, said.Around 10 o ‘clock in the morning of December 12, 2021, several police officers in the Linxia Road police station of The Chengguan Branch of lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau looked a little serious.We listened carefully to Sun Xia (alias), no one spoke, the atmosphere was extremely tense.Just now, Sun Xia walked into the Linxia Road police station and said that her friend may have killed someone.Zhang Bin, the policeman on duty, began to inquire immediately.Sun told Zhang bin that her friend Xiaorong (pseudonym) made her watch part of her killing his relative through a video call on wechat on December 3, 2021.After that, Sun Xia has been advised xiaorong to take the initiative to surrender, but Xiaorong did not surrender, Sun Xia helplessly can only quietly to the police station.After listening to Sun Xia’s description at that time, Zhang Bin felt a little “beating the drum”. Was the case true?If the case is true, how should the suspect Xiao Rong catch?With doubts, Zhang Bin and his comrades immediately carried out a survey on xiaorong’s social relations, but xiaorong relatives in the police station feedback, xiaorong relatives go out to work all the year round, in recent years neighbors have not seen myself, there is no way to verify whether Xiaorong relatives survive.Whether the victim can not be verified, Sun Xia also can not provide more information, Zhang Bin and his comrades have tried to meet with Sun Xia’s mobile phone about xiaorong, xiaorong captured by asking to verify the authenticity of the case, Xiaorong very alert refused to meet.The case is at a loss, with years of experience in handling the case, Zhang Bin thinks that there are still many doubts need to be solved, and if the case is true, the suspect still has a certain risk.So, Zhang Bin led the police to continue the investigation.At 15:20 on December 12, more than 5 hours after the report, relevant data showed that Xiaorong had activities at Lanzhou West Railway Station. Zhang Bin and others were overjoed and drove to the station immediately.But when they arrived at the west station, Xiaorong has left by car, car number is not clear, the direction is not clear.In this regard, Zhang Bin analysis: “we can not always passive search, from the range of his frequent appearance to search.”Subsequently, through the platoon search, the police determined that small rong often in a small area around the activity, then immediately drive to.It was getting dark, and the temperature was nearly ten degrees below zero.Zhang bin and three comrades began to wait for the suspect to appear at the entrance of the community after investigating around the community.”At that time, I was a little frustrated. We didn’t know whether we could catch him or not, but Zhang Bin didn’t give up. He kept saying, wait, wait.”Yang jiashun recalled that in this way, zhang Bin four people squatted for more than an hour in the cold wind.Everything comes to him who waits, and There he is!Through assault interrogation, small glory confessed himself because of trivial matters and relatives quarrel, malicious heart will cover its death after the nearest burial of the criminal facts of the corpse.At about 18:00 on December 12, 2021, after more than 8 hours of investigation, the suspect Xiaorong was arrested and the case was solved.With good results to return the masses xiaorong after the murder, many police feeling, if it were not for zhang Bin’s insistence, the murder also do not know when can be solved.In the face of praise, Zhang bin said he was just a little more patience and luck than others.Compared with Zhang Bin’s modesty, Yang Yong, director of Linxia Road police station, praised him: Zhang Bin was serious and responsible, moved immediately after hearing the police, acted vigorously, deployed properly, arrested promptly, did not let go of any suspicions, worked carefully and did not fear hardship.Like other community police officers, Zhang’s job is mainly to deal with the masses.His Linxia Road police station covers an area of 2.02 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 7 communities with numerous shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment venues, dense flow of people and logistics, and a complex security environment.He, 42 years old, is the backbone of the police.No matter going from door to door, mediating disputes, or receiving and dealing with police, case investigation, he is proficient in every job.”I have known Zhang Bin for 12 years. No matter what position he is in, he is always serious and down-to-earth. He always works ahead.”Linxia road police station police Jin Aixia said.In 2018, Zhang Bin won the third-class merit award for his outstanding performance.”I can only return the people’s trust in the police with more excellent work,” he said.Zhang Bin’s wife Shu Hong is a medical worker, the husband is on duty, work overtime frequently, sometimes a week also can not return home, years like a day, she silently support her husband’s work, take care of the family with all her heart, let her husband have no worries.In the face of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, they are husband and wife as well as comrades in arms. The “police doctor family” has different professions and the same beliefs. In the face of the epidemic, they stick to the front line, encouraging and supporting each other and never flinched.In 2020, it won the honorary title of the most Beautiful family in Lanzhou Chengguan District.It is with a “give up the small family, for everyone” work enthusiasm, and a meticulous attitude toward work, since the work, Zhang Bin and his comrades to rescue the masses more than 1,500 times, solved more than 300 public security cases, more than 150 criminal cases, arrested more than 800 criminal suspects, received the masses sent six brocade flags.During the Spring Festival, Zhang and his comrades are still busy at their posts.They are on duty 24 hours a day, resolutely protect the safety of the people, protect everyone to have a safe and happy happy year.Zhang Bin is an epitome of the provincial grassroots police stations.During the Spring Festival, all the police officers stuck to their posts in spite of wind and snow, silently guarding the safety of the people.Zhang Bin is a miniature of the provincial grassroots police stations. During the Spring Festival, they are on duty 24 hours a day, resolutely protecting the safety of the people and protecting everyone to have a safe and happy happy year.

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